Fobus for M357-A1?

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Joespot, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Joespot

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the wonderfull goodness of Steyrs, but have already purhased an M357-A1. My question is, does Fobus make a holster for my new toy, or can I only modify an existing one. I seem to be able to find Fobus holsters for the "S" series, nothing for the M-A1 :cry: . I would be using it in future 3 gun type matches, plus they just look cool! :twisted:

    Thanks, Joespot
  2. madecov

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    Fobus does not make a holster for the MA1.
    I would recommend either Blade Tech or Grandfather oak for Kydex. You'll get something that fits right and is made right

  3. matt13

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    +1 for Blade-tech. I have both their UCH iwb and paddle holsters. They are much sturdier than Fobus holsters, have tension adjustment screws to set the retention, and have adjustable cant.

    I'm fairly certain that both are IDPA approved but you should double check that before ordering if you are using them for that purpose.
  4. madecov

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    For Blade tech you can order the paddle holster and order the stingray belt loop seperatly. The Stingray is IDPA approved and it gives you the ability to change the holster to fit your needs.
  5. Syntax360

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    +another for Blade-Tech. They make great stuff and I believe their lead times aren't too god-awful right now.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    +1 for Granpa Oak budget holsters.
  7. matt13

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    HEY. What are you doing busting up our lemming thread with a differing opinion? lol.

    Actually my buddy is looking over my shoulder and recommends Oak holsters as well. He has one for his 357. Not a Steyr but I try not to hold it against him.
  8. mrozowjj

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    I realize this post is old as shit but I'm digging it up anyway. I'm very much interested in those Grandpa Oak holsters. Anyone know if they'd be IDPA legal?
  9. Soverign

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    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Most of the ones I saw at their display a while back looked like they would fit IDPA regs.
    Check with them (and their delivery times). Sure wish Gandpappy would learn how to spell Steyr.
    These are the IDPA's requirements:
    A. Must be designed for concealed carry and suitable for all
    day continuous wear.
    B. Must be worn on a standard belt of no more than 1 ¾” width
    that must pass through the belt loops on the shooter’s pants.
    C. Must fully cover the trigger of the firearm.
    D. Must carry the firearm in a neutral (vertical) or muzzle rear
    cant, but have no adjustable cant backpieces. Holster cant that
    is adjustable by removing bolts and repositioning the backpiece
    is allowed.​
    E. Must hold the firearm with enough tension to allow the
    wearer to complete normal daily tasks without fear of losing
    the weapon.​
    F. Can have no offset backpieces and/or belt slots. The holster
    may not offset away from the belt and/or body. ​
    No gap is
    permitted in the following areas:

    1. From the body to the inside of the belt.
    2. From the outside of the belt to the inside of the
    backpiece and/or backside of the holster.
    3. From the outside of the backpiece to the inside of
    the holster.
    If you look through the belt slot area of the holster with it on
    the belt/body, you should not be able to see any daylight. If
    you can see through this belt tunnel area, the holster is not
    G. Must be constructed of normal thickness common holster
    making materials (leather, Kydex, plastic, nylon, etc.).
    H. May not position the firearm where the breech face (autos)
    or rear of the cylinder (revolvers) is below the center of the
    belt. NO drop loops are permitted.​
    I. Must hold the firearm positioned on the body so an object of
    ¾”width cannot pass between the shooter’s body and the inside
    of the firearm when the shooter is standing straight and
    J. Must be positioned on the belt in a location that will keep the
    center of the trigger pad behind the centerline ​
    4 of the body.
    K. Seeing daylight when looking through the belt slot area of
    the holster with it on the belt/body.³
    L. Any type of filler to hide an offset.
    Exemptions to some items for IWB and females.​