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I've been becoming more and more interested in the FN2000 rifle has anyone heard anything yet on this rifle as far as field testing goes?
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Impact arms has set up a forum on the FN2000 where they will let people who get ahold of them post reviews so I'm looking forward to that.
Is this the sniper rifle???? If so I read a comparison with Remmington700 and Winchester.......It got high marks for accuracy, mechanics etc. Slightly prefered by the tester over the other two.....
I haven't seen any field test reports yet. AFAIK the F2000 hasn't been adopted by anyone.

Ambi ejection will be nice, but it looks bulky and I don't like the lack of a front vertical grip like the AUG has. I haven't held one though so take these commments for what they're worth.

I hope it has a true BHO with a release button, and that somebody makes a rail system so a VFG can be attached.
I will purchase one as soon as my favorite gun pushers....On Point Firearms in St. Pete, FL....has them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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