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Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by posterboy7, Sep 3, 2007.

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    So I have started working very part time in a friend's gun shop and doing shows with him. As you can imagine, this is very dangerous to my finances. To wit, I have picked up three guns in the last three weeks.

    One of them is an FN HP-DAO Compact. Some where between 1990 and 2001, FN started making the HP-DA; the double action "Hi-Power". They weren't really Hi-Powers, but they tried to keep to the spirit of the gun, which I think they did. The HP-DAO Compact feels just as good in the hand as the Hi-Power and shares a lot in looks, which is why I couldn't help myself. The one I got is lightly used -- it might not have even been fired, by the looks of it -- and has a very nice trigger. I have yet to take it to the range.

    I was wondering if my fellow Steyroids have any experience with this gun? I have been able to find out very little about it. It is pictured and mentioned on World Guns and a line or two appear here and there in various forums, but nothing in depth. Finding a decent holster for it is proving exceedingly difficult. It is extremely similar in size to my partner's S&W 3913 and it fits perfectly in a Bianchi leather belt holster made for the 3913, despite the difference in trigger guard styles. Unfortunately, the Bianchi has a retention strap which I don't like, but this beggar might not be able to be a chooser. (I am thinking about making a custom kydex holster for it.)

    I will post a range report as soon as I can, and hopefully pics too.
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    i saw one of the full size ones at a gun show. i read up on it, thought i would like the compact one, then the next day decided to go back and get the full size one. of course, it was gone. still would like to try a compact one. let us know how it is!

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    Yes Posterboy, being around a gun shop that much is very hard on the finances.....

    :wink: :wink:
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    Sorry for the topic diversion, but are you looking for a BUG for duty carry posterboy?
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    No, I am not looking for a back-up. I don't have any duty to carry for, unless you count working behind the counter of a gun store as duty. I carry my G23 in a Blackhawk Serpa at the shop and I will carry my Steyr once my Blade-Tech holster arrives.

    If I do get a BUG it will probably be a PPK.

    I picked up the FN because I love its feel, its size, its trigger and the way it looks. Plus factory mags are currently only $10 at CDNN. It is in like-new condition and I got it for a very good price. Only downside is the the lack of holsters. I also got the FN because I haven't seen it any where else and neither has my dealer friend and it fits within the striker/DAO systems I am used to.

    I am currently working off the philosophy that I can pick up anything that is currently made or common at any time, its the rare or unusual guns or deals that I am going to lay down money for. The P22 that I got a couple weeks ago didn't really fit the plan, but we all screw up sometimes :twisted: I got away with that one because my partner really likes the P22 and it is cheap to shoot; she is very happy with it. I bought a NIB Remington 870 Express Synthetic at a show on Sunday because my friend was able to work a discount for me with another dealer at a price $50 less then my buddy could get at dealer cost. My partner wasn't happy about that one, but I promised to pay her back and not buy anything else until the DPMS AR or Sig 556 I plan on getting at the end of next year (close to the election).
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    What gun store did you pic your BDA compact up at? How has it worked out thus far?