FN Herstal P90 Promo Video

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  1. Found this very nice FN Herstal P90 promotional video and thought I would share it with fellow members of Steyrclub.com. The P90 is available through impact arms in civilian semi-automatic version with an extended barrel and magazine capable of carrying 30 rounds versus the 50 round military magazine. I am hopeful that the 50 round mags will be made available soon as an after market item, but I have heard rumors that the 30 round magazine could easily be converted into the 50 round.

    Here ya go and hope you guys enjoy.

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    AWESOME! Thanks for sharing MOD!


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    linky no worky....
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    Didn't work on Firefox server, but worked on Safari........awesome......
    like to have one of those!!!!!! :lol:
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    Link worked for me using Firefox
  6. Thought you guys would enjoy that. :D Its fun to share!

    Only thing that MIGHT stop me from ordering a PS90 would be the fact that the submachingun is built around the special 5.7 x 28 round and you can't buy that particular round as a civilian because it is armor piercing. Now they do have a civilian legal round for it, but if its a weaker round does that defeat the purpose of the FN P90? I'll have to do some more reading I guess and learn about the civilian round.