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I've liked FN firearms since I was in basic training and first got the opportunity to get behind what may be my favorite gun of all time––-the M240B. Unfortunately, I can't have one of those in my personal collection so I've been collecting their handguns, rifles, and shotguns ever since. FNH makes great military and civilian firearms and I haven't been disappointed in any of them thus far.

The FNX line of pistols are decedents from the Browning PRO guns. Sales of the Browning Pro were disappointing so FN rebranded the pistols the FNH FNP and sold them under the FN name. Sales still were lower than expected so they 'improved' upon the original design and released the FNX (more on that in the video).

FNX9 Pros:

-Accuracy (in SA mode, this gun is extremely easy to shoot accurately)
-Reliability (I've never had a malfunction of any kind with this firearm)
-Durability (cold hammer forged barrel, stainless slide, ect...)
-MIL-STD 1913 rail for lights and accessories
-Ambidextrous controls
-Comes with 3 magazines
-4 interchangeable backstraps
-Aftermarket support (holsters, parts, ect...) are availible
-Safety acts as a decocker as well
-US made

FNX9 Cons:

-The position/size of the safety/decocker rubs my thumb (and the thumb of others that have tried it) when firing high round counts
-Mag lockup is suspect. I've never had an issue with it but it doesn't inspire confidence either

Here's a video with some shooting, table top review with disassembly/assembly and size comparison with other popular pistols, and some chronograph testing.


Chronograph Tests:
Hornady 147gr TAP JHP: 985 fps, 317 ft/lbs energy
Federal HST 124gr JHP: 1102 fps, 334 ft/lbs energy
Federal HST 124gr +p JHP: 1127 fps, 350 ft/lbs energy
Winchester Ranger 115gr JHP: 1100 fps, 309 ft/lbs energy
Remington UMC 115gr JHP: 1113 fps, 316 ft/lbs energy

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Great review and video ! Friend of mine bought an FNS-40 lastweek and I'm ready to see how it shoots..
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