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As strange as it sounds, some flashlights are used for self defense quite often in daily life.
Sometimes by professionals Police Officers in a way to avoid using deadly force in confrontations with suspects, and other times by civilians that are not permitted to carry lethal weapons.

In the US we have it quite good in that we are allowed to carry short knives and some others implements but in the majority of Europe such activities are illegal or highly frowned upon by the authorities.

If you defend yourself with a baseball bat even in your own home in certain countries you have to give reason for why you have such an implement with you.

One of my flashlights that I promote in the States as the Search and Rescue 852 lumens to use in emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, helicopters etc. because is too heavy and too long to be easily portable (it is based on the Maglite 4 D). I have found appreciative customers in the European market to be used as self defense tool by civilians that go out for a stroll or to walk the dog situations.

Other lights use others means of incorporating defense mechanisms in their construction. I am thinking now about the ARES Defense Companion, a Maglite with 3 cells that incorporates a shotgun of 410 gauge (only one picture is circulating in the Internet and I think is not in production) or the Tiger Light that incorporates a pepper spray canister, or the several models of Surefire that come with crenellated bezels (one example is the popular E2D executive Defender).

Surefire was the first (to my knowledge) at popularizing the crenellated bezel and the SureFire Institute offers a class in basic defensive tactics called “The power of Light” which is open to all qualified civilians as well as law enforcement professionals .
The course is taught by certified instructor Steve Tarani (shown below delivering a carotid strike).

My own MAG 951 II or the EXP 852 can be had with the optional heavy stainless steel crenellated bezel that I offer in a limited production run.
Such bezels add 3 ounces to the weight of the head and the bezel even that is not actually sharp will be a good imitation of the broken beer bottle.
I don’t think that an aggressor, if he is in his right mind, will confront such a weapon that first will blind him with 951 lumens and then is ready to rearrange his facial features.

Some handy accessories have been produced to increase the defensive use of the Maglite. I am thinking of a quality item made with great care and good materials called the Piggy Back; it will keep a container of Pepper spray quite handy by screwing the accessory to the end of the MAG tail-cap.

Or from the same company the accessory tail-cap with carbide insert capable of breaking automotive glass.

My own Quick Detach Swivel, when used only with the nub for the lanyard, can be very hard on skulls and noses.

This MAG 951 sports the heavy 3 inch head (the head is now out of production), more resembling a medieval mace. This is also a fantastic throw monster reaching over several hundred yards.

I have in my long association with the flashlight Industry seen a few models which spray OC from the front of the lens, flashlight that also incorporate a screaming siren, flashlights that incorporate a stun gun and others weird contraptions all of them gone from the market now.

What seems to prevail is just a good weight reliable flashlight that can be used as a baton or with the new crenellated bezels and the introduction of really powerful MEGA lights capable of blinding an assailant.

Best regards,

i had a six d-cell once, before it got stolen. how about the last picture in six cell? i do a lot of night work and four cell and 6-volt don't last very long when changing an 18-wheeler tire.
what are the price ranges compared to maglite?
i like the idea of a carbide tip for breaking glass. the swivel strap is okay but, how about something that will hold it at an angle for hands free useage?
pepper spray, i'm not keen to it so how about an addition that will hold something more useful to the working man say a multi-tool, matches, or other camping equipment?
for the self defense part how about a tazer, (i know what you've said about the others with tazers) or how about the "jap-hand"?
you could sell these as accessories to the flash light.
just ideas from another inventer.

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The MAG 951 II is a MEGA light outputting 951 lumens, (as opposed to a regular Maglite 3 D at 39 lumens) the light is rechargeable (so it cost nothing to run).
This is a light geared for Search and Rescue or Police work, I can see the utility in accidents areas or any other work where an extremely powerful light is required, it can be used for self defense because the intense brightness will blind an assailant, so it gives a measure of protection when jogging, walking the dog or strolling. ... ost2050464

It is hardly a light that will be the right tool for changing tires.
For that purpose and for looking under the hood, I keep in my car a head light from Cabela's with 8 LED's, this light give me plenty of floodlight and as is on my head leave both hands free and direct the light where I am looking. It cost me about $25.00.
Here is one from SportsmanGuide with 12 LED's and 3 settings.

Another light that I keep in the trunk of the car is one of those stand up work lights that run on you car battery, I have use such light to pitch camp after dark.
This is an example. ... B00009RB0W


yeah those are job specific, and they are general use, but they aren't very cool like yours. i was not trying to offend yours, just making suggestions. there are alot of people into self defense and such, the camping setup that i mentioned came from an old knife that i had once. you know the one $20 at the local 7-11, it had matches, fish hooks, and other stuff.
how about a end piece that you can put whatever the owner wants to put in, with in reason?
even mag has options, thought you might have wanted some other ideas.
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