Flashlight handheld or weapon mounted question??

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    "i feel that if i'm in the dark, my best bet is to take cover and wait. either the attacker is going to give away their position before they can harm me, or they'll know that someone is lying in wait and leave, or they'll expose themself at a very close distance as they try to approach me and i'll have ample time to unload into COM. "
    I agree, especially if you are in your house. You have a map in your head of the layout of your house and the obstacles and cover in it. This gives you a big advantage over a stranger.
    The first piece of equipment I rely on for bumps in the night are my Peltor amplifying ear muffs. If I hear something that disturbs me in the night, I put them on and turn them up full power. I lay on the floor in wait for about 10 minutes at the top of the stairs that leads to all the bedrooms with my 12 ga., M9 and Surefire. If I hear ABSOLUTELY NOTHING further that is suspicious, I clear the house with the M9 and Surefire (I know, very bad idea to clear even your own house alone, but I do so only to get back to sleep restfully when I have become 99.99999999...% sure there is nobody there).
    If I were to hear anything further suspicious, I would call 911, inform them of my position and armaments, and maintain my position at the top of the stairs. I have a cyalume light stick that my wife would throw out the bedroom window to the arriving police that has a key on it and a diagram of the locations of the 2 1st floor and 1 basement door that the key fits . Stay in wait in the ensconced "Alamo position", as Mas Ayoob calls it, and wait to link up with the police.
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    My house has two sets of stairs to the second floor which is very convienent but a real problem in a defense situation.

    BigTaco: great point about night vision and strobing. Didn't think of that.

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    Just my take.
    There is NO right answer for everyone. As an LEO I want my light on the gun and I want another on the belt, I keep a third high power one in the car and a small back up in the uniform pocket. Sounds like a lot? well there have been a few instances where I have used all of them in one situation.

    For home defense I am a huge proponent of an on the gun light. I use the Streamlight TLR-1 as it puts out enough light for most circumstances.

    A pistol mounted light should be operated with the support hand while the trigger finger is indexed and off the trigger until your ready to fire. Most lights will have enough peripheral spill to light an average room completely.

    If it's dark and you need a weapon, go ahead and point it at the intruder while you light him. If you need to fire your already close to being on target rather than needing the extra fractions of a second to target the intruder. Being in a gun fight isn't a place to fight fair. If you have an intruder in the house to deal with the first thing to understand is that he has already violated your right to privacy and to be secure in your own person and place. You need to be a warrior and take any and all advantages. be disciplined and you won't shoot anyone or anything you don't want to or don't need to.

    Fight to win, fight to live.

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    and madecov indirectly brings up an important distinction between most ccw, who are trying to elude danger and get out of harm's way... and the LEO, who has a commitment to go INTO harm's way.
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    If you are defending your home , life and loved ones I don't see the distinction. Anything that gives you an edge is a good thing.

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    One potential problem for non-LEOs are the second-guessers in the courts. In some jurisdictions, there have been cases where people with criminal records have claimed they were mistakenly on a premises and have successfully sued the homeowner for even non-life threatening defensive action, as long as a break and entry was not provable.
    Courts and bureaucrats can create dangerous rules of engagaement for us.
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    I like what TB said...more than one light....and I also agree with BT in wait but then my situation will be changing shortly and some of you already live in the situation in which you have family present in the house. I am thinking about night vision (whats that cost these days $500? I think that would be worth it the first time you needed to clear the house, maintain surprise, be able to identify your target and get down and dirty if need be) in addition to WML and a OHL.
  8. ChillyWilly,

    If you're going to go the night vision route you'll want at least a Gen II or better tube and that will cost you around the $1,000.00 mark or slightly more. The cheaper night vision Gen I stuff (those units you'll see for a few hundred) do not work that well without significant IR illumination and are very grainy and not at all like the clear green image you see in Military Gen III tubes like those used with the PVS-14s.

    Good headmounts or helmet mounts aren't cheap either. Aiming isn't something you can do easily without practice either or the aid of an IR laser. IR lasers are expensive and VERY difficult for civilians to get even though not illegal to possess or sell (the industry restricts itself).

    If you've got the money to do it I'd say go for it, but make sure you spend a lot of time training your eyes to deal with them by walking around your house and try to get some nightfire range work if that's possible.

    D300 Gen II+ with a good grade A tube or at least milspec tube would be what I'd get if I had $1500.00 to put toward it. That should more than get the job done for civilian home defense and if you step up to a Gen III you're look at coming into the $3,000 range.

    Plus, remember you'd have to make sure you don't expose the tube to sun light at all or direct light that often, because it can damage the tube overtime. So you'll have to keep it mounted on something like a helmet for quick mounting during a home invasion and keep the cap on the lense when not in use. So you'll have to roll out of bed strap on your helmet with the mounted D300 probably have an IR laser attached to your weapon and start your inspection of the home.

    Seems like there are simplier and less expensive alternatives, but like I said if I had the money I'd set that up. :lol:
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    I like it!!!!

    :party: :party:

    While we are on the subject, infrared illumination should not be a problem for home defense.

    Simply wire in a few IR illuminators to a master switch you keep bedside, etc...

    ...then when you need 'em, they are only a click away.... and everyone else stays in the dark...


    :think: :think:
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    Stumbled across this and thought it might be worth adding to the record...

    Tomahawk Tactical Light by First Light USA
    Engages momentary light
    Engages three levels of constant-on light, strobe and color functions
    Engages constant-on function

    It's not exactly cheap, but most of these things aren't. :x This light may be a good solution for those looking for the advantages of a weapon mounted light but with greater control.
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    I keep my M6x mounted on my steyr once I take it out of the carry holster when I get home. I feel that with a weapon mounted light I still have the support hand free for hopefully not necessary mag change or for using the phone to call the police. I'd say streamlights m6x is definately work the price and you can find them relatively cheap my next mounted acquisition will probably be the viridian glock green laser.
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    I myself never realized what the blinding effect of a super bright light could be until I made a Mag-85.. The first thing I grab is my light then my Steyr..I have them set up so I can get both at the same time. I sleep in the fetal position on my left side it allows my right hand to hang down where my pistol is holstered and my left hand out towards my mag light..

    It is no joke if someone has been in low light long enough for there eyes to adjust and you hit them with the light it will temporarily blind and make them hesitate ....

    My wife and my daughter and all my friends hate the mag-85...
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