FL allowed to stand ground and use force...

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by FlaChef, Apr 5, 2005.

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    i know thats great you posted the link, i got a phone call earlier someone telling the law had passed, just had not confirmed it.. Finally..

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    Great victory! 8)
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    AZ is basically the same as that.

    But in order to use deadly force, you must feel as though your life or another's life is in immediate danger.

    For example, if a guy threatens to kick your ass, you cannot draw on him. If he DOES start to kick your ass, you cannot shoot him.

    The exception of course, is if you can prove to a jury that you felt your LIFE was in danger, NOT just your well-being. If a guy is threatening to bash your head in with a bat, you are probably justified. A woman would most likely be justified in a physical confrontation with a man. Possibly a small man involved in an altercation with a big hulk could convince a jury he was justified.

    Force is generally to be met with equal force, and no more.

    In my CCW class, we spent a good deal of time on this. And the basic premise is that IF you draw, you'd better be justified in shooting, too. And if you shoot, you will have to convince a jury that your life (or another person's life) was in danger, and pulling the trigger was the only option left. Period.
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