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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Apr 6, 2005.

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    I was messing around after thoroughly cleaning my M-9 yesterday, trying to figure out why it would leave the empty half sticking out of the chamber when it was trying to double feed. I had the barrel out and dropped in an already fired empty. Lo and behold I had to push it in fairly hard the last .7 inches. Took another one... same thing. Hmm.. jammed them in and they were pretty tough to get out. So I popped the primer out of an empty with a pin punch and stuck a screw in the primer pocket. This gave me a shell with a screw head poking out. I put a thin coat of JB bore paste on the muzzle end of the shell and pushed it in the barrel. I then took my weak battery drill and turned it for about 10 seconds, pulled it out, wiped it off, put more JB bore paste until it would seat with a light push. Probably a total of 25 seconds of slow speed turning. This polished the chamber pretty well and judging from the empty with the screw in it, it removed a very TINY amount of chamber near the mouth of the shell. I cleaned the crap out of the barrel again, then tried the empties. They fit with a much lighter push. Took it to the range today and put 50 rounds through it. I couldn't make it jam! Victory! Hope this helps someone else out there.
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    People have had issues with the extractors with these guns. A good cleaning is usually the ticket. Glad you got it taken care of.

    My gun went back to Steyr when the previous owner had it. The extractor was tuned. I haven't had a single issue with it.

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    The reason for the exceptional accuracy w/ M/S pistols is the extremely tight chamber.
    Some have conjectured before that maybe a few have made it past QC being a VERY tad too tight.

    did this opening up have any noticeable accuracy chages or group opening over long ranges?
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    i belive by "polishing" the rear of the barrel box area as he did.. it would not effect the accuracy. as it would not effect the bore of the barrel the LOAD runs through, only the bore where the shell will enter and eject. Unless of c ourse you polished it so much that the casing would wiggle around then you would most likeley see way offcentered primer hits.
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    it didn't affect the accuracy as I saw it

    I doubt it removed much metal at all. I couldn't tell any difference by measuring the burnished part of the shell I used in the chamber vs. the un burnished part. And that is on the softer of the 2 metals. The chamber is steel, so I'm sure it didn't take muc off of that. I measured both sides with my calipers accurate to .001. This was a very light polish and the shell still requires seating, just not nearly as much force. JB is a light abrasive. I see no harm in doing this operation to a barrel. FWIW.