Five pistols, five different calibers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Netfotoj, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Netfotoj

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    Here's my six-year saga: from my first pistol purchase in 2001, S&W 1076, through my first two Steyr MA1s, a Walther P22 and now a FEG 9mm, I now find myself the proud owner of five different pistols in five different calibers. Sure didn't plan this.

    But as Clint Eastwood, playing a Marine drill sergeant in "Heartbreak Ridge," told the judge about why he peed on a cop car, "Your honor, it seemed like the thing to do at the time."
  2. tglahn17

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    Hi, Netfotoj,

    Nice set. I also have five pistols in five different calibers. In order of purchase:

    Ruger Mark III Hunter
    Ruger 50th Anniversary Blackhawk
    Steyr M9A1
    Smith & Wesson PC1911
    Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter

    They're all awesome. I don't want to get more than one gun in any caliber, but I kind of wish I had a P7M8. Later,

  3. amonkey

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    Just Buy More!

    Well, you see, I think many of us actually try to be practical at some point. I even remember thinking that I didn't need a 40 caliber anything. Then, one day, years ago, I saw a new M40 at the gun shop. :wink:
    Here's how it goes...Once you get at least 3 - 6 calibers under your belt, then it just gets easier to buy guns in that same caliber. "What the hell, I already have caliber X for this pistol, might as well just buy that pistol."
    It just multiplies.
    So, just sit back and accept that you will always want more and being the capitalist infidels that we are, we will always buy more :lol:
  4. nc_gunner

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    Interesting collection, it's always neat to see how people have progressed from one piece to two, and so on.

    The diversity of several calibers must be nice, but I actually bought a Glock 27 in part because it was simpler to have an M40 and a Glock both feeding the same rounds. Knowing me, if I had multiple calibers I'd get to the range only to realize I'd grabbed the wrong ammo, or something like that.

    Only different caliber I know I need to get to is a .357 magnum. Something about a wheel gun with that cartridge is calling my name... loudly.
  5. mugdava

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    Re: Just Buy More!

    There's just too many fine pistols on the market these days not to have 2 or more pistols of the same caliber. :lol: Here's what's in my safe:

    Ruger KP95 (9mm)
    Smith & Wesson M&P (9mm)
    Sig P226R (40S&W & 357sig)
    Steyr M357-A1(357sig & 40S&W)
    Glock 20C (10mm)
    HK USP Expert (.45)
    Sig 1911 TTT (.45)
    HK USP Match clone (.45)

    There's no room in my safe for any future acquisitions! :(
  6. Wulf

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    Hiya Mug* :)

    ...ya poor bastard! :roll:

    I really don't mind helpin' ya out there, Good Buddy :) ... send me the M357-A1 and the P226. Hell, I'll even pay the one way shippin'. :shock: Anything for a Bro. :twisted:

  7. mugdava

    mugdava Premium Member

    Hey wulf!

    How'd You know I'm pennyless and ain't got no legit Daddy! :shock: (Mug* scratches his head in wonder!)

    I'd love oblige You, but the two You mentioned are serious keepers! Now if you said Ruger and Glock, I'd have to think it over. 8)
  8. Wulf

    Wulf Premium Member


    Ruger. Glock.

    Now can I help ya out? <grinnin'> Hava great Sunday, Bro. :)

    Wulf <-- still chantin' "Ruger...Glock...Ruger...Glock...."
  9. mugdava

    mugdava Premium Member

    ROTFLMAO!!! :lol:

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Beware the man who owns but one gun (not that it applies to me)
  11. posterboy7

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    My friend and I got into guns at the same time. I bought a used S&W 66 4" Combat Magnum and then he bought a used Llama .40 1911 clone while at the same time I bought a new Llama Max-I C/F commander sized .45. He then quickly bought a used Glock 19.

    He joined the Coast Guard, took classes and got really good with his Glock. His Llama fell apart and he sold it to a pawn shop. I on the other hand had a major medical proceedure, met the love of my life, finished college and then moved to Washington DC for 18 month. In between there I bought a black Kahr K9 w/ night sites but rarely shot and never very well while my partner bought her used S&W 3913. Also I bought a Henry lever action .22 to kill the groundhogs that were digging up my parents drainage field.

    Partner and I had kids, then I traded my K9 for some web programming services (boy, was that a bad deal, still sore about that one.) Got back into shooting and bought a 9mm Stoeger Cougar. Then I bought I used Browning HP because it seemed like a deal, but it doesn't shoot straight and the finish could be better (thinking about having it customized). I liked the Cougar a lot but sold it to a friend with plans to buy another in .40. But then I started looking at DAO and striker fired .40s and settled on the M40-A1.

    I wouldn't get enough for the Llama to make it worth trading; even though it is banged up it shoots just fine. I am thinking about trading the HP in toward a PPK/S or a tactical shot gun, but maybe I will have new sites put on and maybe refinished.

    Meanwhile, while I am playing musical guns, the only handgun my buddy has is his G19, but then he added a Remington 870 shotgun and a CETME rifle to his arsenal. Then his CETME blew up and he replaced it w/ a Bushmaster AR. He loves his Glock and only this year did he buy another pistol, because he had to for a part time security job: a Glock 23.

    He claims he never looks at other pistols and I believe him. I am that way with my partner, but I can't imagine having only one handgun...

    For those who are counting, that ends up being five guns in four calibers (if you count .38 Special and .357 Magnum together).

    I have to say, I am most fond of my S&W 66, it is definitely a classic.
  12. ThaiBoxer

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    1) .44 1851 Navy cap n ball replica (used), bought when I was 14 for $35
    2) Springfield Armory 1911A1 (new) in .45, bought when I was 19 for $360, dad did the paperwork.
    3) Ruger MkII 22LR (new) when I was in college, about $200
    4) Ruger GP100 .357 (new) in college, traded it to my dad, it'll come back
    5) Steyr M40 .40, first pistol purchased in 12 years or so

    Later added:

    Beretta 21a for a silencer
    Vaquero .45 LC
    Kahr PM40
    Steyr M40A1
    Marvel Unit One for the Springfield