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First trip to range with my M9!

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Took the M9 to the range yesterday. Shot about 200 rounds of WWB and a couple mags of the Win 147gr JHP, also from Wally World. Recoil is practically non-existant and I got used to the sights pretty quickly.

However, I had quite a few malfunctions. I believe much of it can be blamed on the extractor. I did the standard take-down & clean/lube as per the tutorial prior to my range trip but I did not specifically do anything to the extractor beforehand.

There were a number of times where the slide would not return fully forward following a shot. Sometimes I was able to re-rack and get it into battery, sometimes not. Judging by the marks on the cases, this was from the extractor whacking into the case and not grabbing over it properly. Here's a pic of what I'm trying to describe:

You'll notice my multiple attempts at loading these rounds. They are both unfired. The one on the right was clearly struck by the firing pin but probably wasn't seated quite well enough for a solid strike.

It is veeeerrrry difficult to move the extractor with finger presssure. I'm sure that if I get the extractor functioning properly it will cure most of the problems I had. Is there anything to be done besides removing and cleaning it?

Another problem I had... the slide would be fully forward with one in the chamber, but pulling the trigger fails to fire a shot, and it feels like it wasn't cocked from the previous cycle. Racking the slide in this situation ejects an unfired cartridge, loads a new round, and it always goes bang on the next trigger pull. I'm pretty sure I wasn't limp-wristing. I should mention that I had about one problem per magazine with the bulk WWB (either failure to go into battery or FTF) but zero malfunctions in 28 rounds of the 147gr JHP. Have people had trouble with WWB in the M9?

BTW, serial number of my M9 is 35,xxx

The M9 is a nice shooter when it fires, and I'm anxious to get these issues resolved. Your help is appreciated!
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cleaning your extractor will go a long way, promise. many people have extractor problems before they clean them up. there's a GREAT tutorial on extractor removal that makes it so easy it's part of my routine cleaning.

there is a sticky concerning trigger reset also. but again, disassemble and thoroughly clean/lightly lube up the pistol (paying close attention to the sear area) following cort's disassembly tutorial in the maintenance section of this site. usually a good cleaning clears up all the problems.

most of us here use wwb without incident. some of us notice that blaser brass is more accurate.

good luck and good shooting.
deluxe should be getting some tutorials i did that cover those questions much more in depth. i thought about editing that sticky but decided it would be too long for that type of format.

about your extractor, it should be stiff but move. the rounds should slide under the extractor. the photos indicate that the round is getting in front of the extractor as the slide goes into battery. this is not something i've ever seen a steyr do, but my inclination is to think the magazine lips are out of whack. mr. apathy would probably know more about this problem though. if you really want to loosen up the extractor you can flip the extractor pin so that the bevels are opposite. i did it to see what would happen and my answer was nothing. it still extracted every round it was fed just fine. if yours really is too stiff, that will definitely loosen it, but it's not the correct fix. but, if the round is in front of the extractor, you could have a jello extractor and have the same problem.

the sear should pop up when the trigger is held to the rear. that it doesn't when the trigger is forward is inconsequential.

the trigger bar click is indeed from the trigger bar hitting the underside of the sear and this can cause reset issues. it can also have no effect what so ever. i wouldn't mess with it unless you have reset issues. it's an easy fix if you do. but you didn't say you had reset issues.

the tutorials will explain all this stuff more thoroughly, they're easy fixes but hard to explain without pictures and lots of verbage.
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