First-timer range report: M9A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by moogoogaidan, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. moogoogaidan

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    So I picked up my M9A1 last week and have just been reading as much as I could about it. Read the manual the safety guide, and countless forum posts just to know what to expect. Today I finally had the chance to take it to the range and fire off 100 rounds. Here are my impressions:

    -Out of 100 rounds, I had one extraction kind of land on my head. I heard that that's somewhat normal for a Steyr, especially a new one.

    -I had three FTF. The mark on the primer was closer to the rim than the center on all three of them. What is the correct protocol when you pull the trigger and the bullet doesn't fire? The manual says to keep the gun pointed at the target for 30 seconds to a minute in case it discharges late, so I did. After that I pulled the slide back and the bullet ejected. Should I have done something else? What do I do with the failed bullet?

    -I seemed to be shooting low and to the right. I'm not a shooter by any means, and calling myself a beginning shooter would even be a stretch. I had the guy at the range fire it and he was shooting high to the left -- totally opposite to what I was shooting. Was that a case of the gun being more accurate than the shooters?

    After range time, I decided I wanted a Hogue Handall grip to help with shock absorption. I slid it on after wrestling with it a bit and I love it except for there being a little extra rubber on the back of the grip where the web of my hand rests. Is this normal for the Hogue Handall? I mean, it's just a little extra material creating a small space between the rubber grip and the actual gun's handle, and it depresses against the handle when I hold the gun, so should I get another grip or what?

    I can say this from my limited experience: I like it and shot more accurately with it than the XD9 and the recoil was negligible. Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions that arose during my range time with the gun!
  2. MrApathy

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    FTF? feed or fire. off center strikes guessing fire.

    on new steyr make sure the slide is in full battery has a tendancy to stick just out of battery which will cause a light strike. push the slide forward so its in battery.

    you may need your striker and channel cleaned out and lubed with a little light oil.

    failed bullet well it depends on the condition. havent seen any delay fires but doesnt mean they wont happen. the worst thing is when you get a light ignition or light powder burn where the slide doesnt cycle or the bullet doesnt leave the barrel. eject check the primer dent and if you leave it out keep the bullet point downrange. if the cartridge OAL overall length has not decreased much and everything looks good no dent in the case you may try firing it again if you want. others toss them in the trash. reloaders can pull the bullet dump the powder into the garden and use the bullet,case and primer if still good or reuse the case atleast if good.

    were the groupings consistent. guns will function in a persons hand differently.

    stick your hand out pretent your holding an invisible gun draw your index finger in like your pulling the trigger. any other fingers move?
    pulling the trigger and holding the gun is a fairly complex thing.
    on my steyr and when I shoot 1911's I use the pad of my finger and try to keep even steady pressure on it not moving either left or right side. long,heavy double action requires even more skill. another method is using the first knuckle on your trigger finger. results will vary.

    when shooting Focus on the front sight and the target. for most part ignore the rear sights. bullet should be hitting at top point of the front sight. when checking rear make sure rear is level with front.
    providing you have trap sights though 3dot is nearly same except for dots.

  3. mugdava

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    The only thing I would have done different, would have been to release the magazine.(While keeping the pistol pointed toward the target and after waiting the 30 seconds, but before pulling the slide.) Factory or reload ammo?

    Between holding the pistol correctly and getting used to the trigger pull & Tri-trap sights, You'll find The Steyr to be very accurate and a joy to shoot.
  4. xjrat

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    Yes I too had 3 FT fire's in my first 150 rounds, where there was a slight dimple on the primer. I was using range reloads and in each case I was able to re-fire the round with sucess. The gun didn't go into full Battery, and once the slide was jammed almost closed and took alot of force to remove the round. The casing's were not quite round and one was way out of round. My next 150 rounds were with factory new and not one problem was had 8) Just clean it good and make sure the ammo is good and let er rip....
  5. Syntax360

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    Are you basically saying the grip was too big? I've never used the regular hogue handall that gunshops sell, but I do use the one Hogue markets to a tool company for small drills - it's basically the same thing, but members report my version is a much better fit.


    They sure aren't easy going on, but there is no slack and they never move.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    You did the right thing pointing downrange for 30 seconds after the misfire.
    Get some factory ammo and see if it is the gun or the ammo.
    I use friction tape on my (smooth) M9 grip.
  7. Wulf

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    Hiya *tax* :)

    Hey, can ya elaborate on the Hogue small drill Handall? Ya gotta Hogue part#? Plz post or PM me. Thanx.

  8. Gray_Wolf

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    FWIW I had a few failures to go into battery with reloads that wouldn't chamber properly, but I never had any FT Fire...
  9. Shooter

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    Try this....... ... mid=662386
    sorry the page was too long and changed the screen. I'll PM you the page
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    Don't screw around,send it back to Steyr in Georgia.They will fix it and replace what needs to be.Why in the world do most M9 A1 have this problem is a mystery. They should all be recalled and :idea: fixed before sold by the dealers.
  11. moogoogaidan

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    I just got cleaning products and decided to clean and lube my new M9A1. After disassembly, cleaning and lubing, i decided to see how much smoother the action was and wanted to cycle some rounds all the way from the mag through to the ejector (without actually firing the rounds). While I was sliding the slide back to eject the bullets out, i noticed that the slide didnt go back to the foremost position all the way -- it stopped maybe a quarter inch before reaching all the way forward. It wasnt strongly stuck, so i just pushed the slide forward with my hand. It only did this when there were actual rounds in the magazine -- the slide resets all the way forward when im puolling back and letting go by hand. You guys have any idea what may be wrong? What could happen if I was at the range and i pulled the trigger while the slide didn't reset all the way forward and there was a bullet in the chamber? Like I said, it's stopping only about a quarter of an inch short...
  12. MrApathy

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    it has to do with new springs as they get used they settle and it goes away. dirt on the slide and frame rails can contribute also.
    LCI=loaded chamber indicator can do it also when contacting the casehead. shooting cleaning and maybe a little polishing with a wire wheel and polishing pad helps then good cleaning. make sure no burrs develope.
  13. bigtaco

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    another thing it could be...

    when the slide is back, the sear (the little triangle shaped part in the frame which you can see at the back of the gun with the slide off) is sticking up. as the slide comes into battery, it pushes the sear down, onto the post.

    new steyr's ship with cosmoline on the springs and all the little parts that are not tennifered. some of this crud could be keeping your sear from going down, hanging up the slide.

    the solution would be to take the sub-frame out of the grip via cort's disassembly guide and hose down the underside of the sear with solvent... wd-40, kerosene, whatever. break down the crud and lube it up with some light oil, rem-oil, insert favorite oil here etc... hopefully that will help.

    HIBACHI Guest

    How difficult is it to cycle the gun by hand after you've helped it chamber a round?
  15. moogoogaidan

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    Thanks for the replies everyone! Not hard to cycle it by hand, it feels normal. The crud on the sear sounds reasonable, but why would the problem only arise after I cleaned the gun for the first time? I don't recall having the problem with the gun right out of the box before cleaning. Has anyone else had this problem?
  16. FlaChef

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    not uncommon in brand new out of the box steyrs. What we are talking about is FRTB (Failure to Return to Battery). Light strikes off center means the gun was not all the way in battery and the barrell was not in full lock-up.

    With all due respect to the "send it backs" and the "get out the tools and start polishing" approaches, try this first.
    Next time you are watching TV, make sure the gun is uloaded (no ammo in the room) and just rack it repeatedly to work things in. Remember not to release it all the way from lockback on an empty chamber, just keep your grip on it and work it all the way forward to back a few hundred times.
    Then go to the range and fire another 100-200 rounds through it. it is just a break in thing. This exact routine used by me and sugested by me has been used by a few owners to accelerate the break in process.

    These guns are tight when new and the parts need to mate, and the springs need to take their set.