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First time I saw an IDPA

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Being a novice to the sport of shooting I went to my first IDPA match- as a spectator today. I think if you are or want to get in to shooting, this is the way to go. After I saw the first man go through a stage I thought- me next. So if you were thinking I’d just go for a look see what folks are carrying and using like I did- take your stuff and JOIN IN.

I saw a lot of 1911 replicas- .45s and 9MM, but about everything was represented. Most were stock guns a few folks added grips, some added night sights. Holster wise all but 2 that I saw were Kydex molded strong side OWB hip carry without a thumb break. The other 2 were leather paddle holsters OWB without a thumb break. A few were canted forward but most looked vertical. The magazine pouches were at least a double and quite a few had an additional single pouch. These were either Kydex or leather, but all were open tops.

So as you can tell a have a little bit of the bug biting. I hope this helps anyone looking to take the plunge.
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