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First time I saw an IDPA

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Being a novice to the sport of shooting I went to my first IDPA match- as a spectator today. I think if you are or want to get in to shooting, this is the way to go. After I saw the first man go through a stage I thought- me next. So if you were thinking I’d just go for a look see what folks are carrying and using like I did- take your stuff and JOIN IN.

I saw a lot of 1911 replicas- .45s and 9MM, but about everything was represented. Most were stock guns a few folks added grips, some added night sights. Holster wise all but 2 that I saw were Kydex molded strong side OWB hip carry without a thumb break. The other 2 were leather paddle holsters OWB without a thumb break. A few were canted forward but most looked vertical. The magazine pouches were at least a double and quite a few had an additional single pouch. These were either Kydex or leather, but all were open tops.

So as you can tell a have a little bit of the bug biting. I hope this helps anyone looking to take the plunge.
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i know there are lots of idpa fans around here and out there and everywhere but uspsa's ipsc is a lot more fun to me.

nearly twice the round count.

far fewer rules. imho, when the shtf, it's gonna be run and gun.

the part where you have to pick this up before you draw then put that down before you reload and cut the pie and engage these targets from this side of the barricade but those targets from that side of the barricade just makes it more confusing. i hate getting procedurals when the net result in real life would still have been dead bad guy.

ipsc is pretty much engage targets as visible. which is what i'll do when the targets are shooting back.

i think that the production division of ipsc is what was missing. now that everyone can roll up with a box stock gun and compete on a "level" playing field, the sport becomes more competitive between shooter's skill not shooter's wallets. (i say "level" because we all know that toting a steyr is a distinct advantage)

i want to get into three gun but haven't found a match around here (pittsburgh). funny, cause you'd be hard pressed to find a more gun crazy place. it's common that we have side matches at pistol shoots. maybe i could convince my range officer friend to make one of the side matches a three gun contest. hmmm..... gotta phone call to make.
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