First Steyr Club Virginia Outing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Apr 8, 2005.

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    I just wanted to announce that tonight we held the first Steyr Club Virginia outing. I met up with KONY at Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly for an hour of slinging lead. Of course, we both had our M9's there...but KONY brought his Buckmark .22 and I brought my Walther P99, Sig P228, Ruger KP89D and Ruger GP-100. Lots of rounds went down range!

    It was easy to pick KONY out of the crowd...he was the one sporting the Steyr Talk ball cap. I don't have one (yet!) :oops:

    If anybody else in the Northern Virginia area wants to get together to shoot, just holler. The NRA range, Blue Ridge Arsenal, Gilbert's and Shooters Paradise are all within the right radius for a group shoot. We'll probably try to set something up once we finalize the preps for the postal match. (Postal match? What postal match? If you're saying that, you need to go check the sticky at the top of this forum!!)

    In any case, a good time was had by all. It was great to meet another Steyroid and blast some holes. Thanks, KONY -- we need to do it again!

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    That was truly MY pleasure as I had to literally peel myself away from your GP100. Just something about that heavy steel that makes me want to keep shooting it. :twisted: Anyway, it was really fun to try out your toys.

    Besides the GP100, the Walther P99 was excellent! The sites were easy on the eyes and it just pointed very naturally. However, shooting all those 9mm pistols makes the M9's lack of felt recoil very noticeable. 8O

    Another great thing about tonight's outing was that we got to do a small test of the dreaded UMC 115 grain FMJs that folks hhave been complaining about. I shot 20 through mine and 10 through Jim's with no failures. However, a bigger test is needed as perhaps the issue is the ammo's dirtiness taking its toll after many rounds fired.

    All in all, I had a blast! Look forward to meeting up again! :D

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    Well, my GP100 was bought when I lived in Centreville, VA; but as the name indicates, Ill be hunting resident turkeys here in RI later this month. I miss hunting them in Quantico tho... If I still lived there, I'd be about 20 min from BRA for a steyer club shoot.
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    Sounds like you guys had a great time. I shot my second IDPA match today, and used Remington UMC (Green Box) 115 FMJs today, and there were no problems (other than with my shooting) in about 120 rounds today. I've never used Remington UMC before in the Steyr, I got it because its a less hot round than WWB.

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    Good to hear! Heard lots of bad stuff about these UMC rounds but I am glad they work. Still, Wolf ammo is still THE worse stuff according to the stuff I've read.
  6. Who's up for another meeting in VA? I missed the last get together (just got my M9A1 a couple months ago).

    I have a membership at Gilbert's range by Springfield, but would be happy to try somewhere new too.

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    Sorry I missed out.
    NRA, Blue Ridge, Shooters Paradise, and Quantico are my primaries in that order.