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First shots M40

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Finally got the time to put a few rounds through the NEW old stock M40

Loaded up a few rounds of PMC 155 grain

recoil is way lighter than I ever had in a "G" gun. muzzle flip is way reduced also.

After the first 3 rounds I loaded all 3 of my 12 round magazines, fired all of them without a single problem

Then I loaded a magazine wityh 155 grain gold dots +p. recoil was a bit snappier but the gun came back on target a lot faster then other pistols I have shot

I then loaded a mag with alternating PMC and gold dots in no particular order. Function was perfect .

I was a bit concerned about getting used to the sights but after the first 3 shots I was punching the center out of the target at 7 yds without even thinking about it.

This gun is hands down the best value I have ever had in a handgun. she's a definite keeper and will become my duty weapon when we can qualify again.
Now to order a duty holster and off duty holster along with the light rail adapter.

This gun rocks big time :D

I put about 150 rounds through the gun total and even tried to limp wrist a bit, nothing kept it from functioning perfectly. it went into battery each and every time without any hesitation.
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