First range report M357-A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Netfotoj, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Netfotoj

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    Finally made it to the range and shot my M357-A1 'til my poor sore fingers and thumbs got tired of fighting those super-tight Steyr mag springs.

    I cycled about 150 rounds of WWB FMJs through the Steyr and shot another 50 or so 10mm and .22 magnum before I called it a day.

    Verdict on the Steyr: Exactly as advertised. Sweet shooting, accurate (more accurate that I can hold it so far) and one FTF, no FTEs or FTXs. One eject hit me on top of the head, but so what? The one FTF didn't want to go back in the breech and allow the slide to close all the way, so I chucked it. No idea what's going on there, but don't really care much.

    I shot so many holes in targets with 357, 10mm and .22 mag that I didn't think about taking a photo until I was through. I gave up stuffing at 8 rounds on one mag and 6 on the other so I shot the final 14 at a clean target. I gotta get me some kind of mag loader. Any recommendations?

    The last target of the day ain't too pretty, but it will do for a start. It's a standard 25-yard NRA pistol target, shot at from 10 paces, slow fire.


    After I caught my breath, I finally succeeded in getting 12 rounds in both mags, first time all day. Previous high was 10. I'm leaving the 12 in each mag at least until tomorrow to try to weaken those mag springs a bit.

    I'll probably go back over the range tomorrow to try again. More later.
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    Thanks for the report - and congrats on the sweet-shooting M357-A1.


    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Glad to hear it functioned well. When Steyrs are good they're the best.
    Now you have another 350 rounds or so to go for a decent break-in. Great excuse to get to the range early and often. :)
  4. mugdava

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    I also enjoy my M357-A1, but those new clips are a real thumb work out for the first couple of trips to the range. After my first outing(150 rounds), I left the magazines fully loaded the week between range trips and it helped.
  5. MrApathy

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    yeah those new magazine springs are a *itch.

    sounds like a Failure to Battery steyrs when new will do that. working the slide back and fourth can help. clean the frame and slide rails.

    my first steyr my M40 I had FTF caused by the tough springs in the magazine. was back during the AWB had 10 rounders. any more than 8 rounds and it would cease. I cut my thumbs and fingers up for two weeks cycling ammunition in the magazines but they worked in.
    would load them and unload them every other day. not as fun as shooting but not as frustrating as having FTFd. put many thousands of rounds through flawlessly after springs throughout got some use.

    last two steyrs I bought I didnt fire for long time. polished the frame rails which were roughly finished machining wise. the finish over the machining was no where near as nice as my first two Steyr's.
    worked the slide and the extractor made sure the mags were not overly stiff. weeks and months went by before I took them out put 500 rounds through them flawlessly.
    recommendation for new steyr's and owners

    for loader I bought a couple HKS speedloaders 940 and 941 did some dremel work and they work enough for me.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I use a Glock 9mm thumb saver and it works passably.
  7. Wulf

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    I use a Mantis loader. $6 to my door on Ebay. Works well on my M357-A1 and both my Walther P99's (40 SW and 9MM). Good luck.

  8. 73sbVert

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    I tried using the HKS one, but ended up getting more frustrated each time I used it. Then I bought the Cambi universal loader ... ce-104.htm

    A little more expensive, but it loads both of my guns with just an adapter change, and as screwed up as my wrists are, makes it almost effortless to reload my mags.

    2 thumbs up!
  9. squirrelpotpie

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    Hi Netfotoj,

    Guess I'll add my first time M-A1 in .357 range report to your thread rather than start a new one. Have been wanting to get out for a couple of weeks but finally made it out the other day despite the cold - (in the low teens here during the day) and only shot one box but really liking what I'm seeing so far. Didn't have any real trouble filling up the 12 round mags - I think the cold weather and inability to feel my finger tips after a while might have helped.

    The sights are gonna take me a little while to get used to, was able to vanquish a 20oz plastic soda bottle at 25yards, but a snack size raisin box at the same distance and an empty box of Cheezits half buried in the snow at 50yards managed to elude me. Looked like I was hitting too low from all the snow trails in front of the targets. Thought the recoil was definitely noticeable but very manageable and don't think it will be a problem in this gun.

    Looking forward to shooting it again on more familiar ground when its not quite so cold so I can get a feel for it with more conventional targets.