First post - just bought an M9

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by IlovemyM9, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. IlovemyM9

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    A week ago I saw a Steyr M9 in a local gun shop. I really didn't want to buy it but the gun looked like new and the cheap price made me finally buy it.
    I owned serveral 9mm pistols (HK USP, HK P7, Glock 19, CZ75) and after the first box of ammo I shot with my M9 I was really shocked! 8-O
    This M9 is the best pistol I ever shot. :p
    Out of the many features I like and the others cannot offer I was most impressed by less muzzle flip since this gun sits very low in your hand and the great trigger...
    Now what I don't understand why was this gun no commercial success and why is it so rare today. Did no police or Military unit adopted it?
  2. Wulf

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    Hiya *love* :)

    Welcome to the Club. I hope ya feel right at home here. There's heaps o' info for ya to sort through and lots o' good people to help ya out along the way. Hava good weekend.


  3. Seven

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    Another welcome - and I'd say your experience is a common one. I had only known Steyr's rep from their rifles when I was looking for a new 9mm for carry several years ago. I went to visit a buddy who has a large collection of pistols, tried out several. Then he handed me his M40, said "this is a .40, but they make a 9mm version." First shot, I was hooked, for your reasons. It was such a natural pointer for me, returned to target due to less flip, et cetera. I wound up with an S9, wanting the slightly smaller package, and have loved it since.

    And whenever I let others fire my gun, they're stunned that the Steyr is so little known here, because it is such a superior pistol in the hand.

  4. sewerman

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    welcome to the world of the best kept secret in the handgun industry.
    now grasshopper the force IS with you!
    enjoy! :D
  5. DougK

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    I think we have two show combined here. The "Grasshopper you are free to go when you can snatch this pebble from my hand" is from Kung Fu

    "The force be with you" is Star Wars.

    Sewerman you make a great point that the Steyr is the worlds best kept secret in handgun pistols. In the revolvers the Dan Wesson is another great secret.

  6. Angel

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    I believe there are a couple of countries where Military or Police units use M9. I think at one point Mexico was one of them.

    On a side note, the new Nintendo Wii game Red Steel uses the M pistol. I am planning on checking it out.