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First Post and holster question..

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Well, I was finally able to register for this forum, I think the firewall or someting on my other computer would not let me register, I'm not sure, I'm not exactly a techno type.

I have an M9 Pistol, I have about 250 rounds through it with no failures of any type, I'm very happy with it. I would like to order a good leather holster, probably El Pso Saddlery, is the M9 considered a "medium automatic"? I especially like the Tom Threeprerson holsters by El Paso, but they are not pistol specific, just large, medium, and small automatic I think.
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Another new M9 owner and another holster question. Does anybody know if a Glock holster will fit?
There are several makers who make an exact fit for the M series.

Honestly anything that fits several guns won't fit any of them well.
Get a holster that is designed for the specific gun.

There's a list of makers at the top of this forum who can make a holster to fit the M perfectly.

You will be happier in the long run
M stands for medium frame
S stands for small frame.

they are a close size comparison to the xd service and compact sizes for purposes of generic holsters.

any holster that is model specific to any gun will almost never work for any others.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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