First IPSC match next sunday

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by pepitomenegazzo, Nov 21, 2010.

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    Congrats man!

    Now my question is, did the Steyr you used helped you a lot to get to that position? How did the weapon performed mechanically?

    I'm asking because i am to take the black badge course then IPSC when i am ready and i am going to use my M40A1. Assuming all guns are stock, can you say you are at an advantage using the Steyr?

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    The Steyr does not have the game configuration of G34/35 or a 5" M&P Pro. It has a superior stock trigger and superior bore axis. It probably has better absolute accuracy (which won't matter) and the ergonomics are much better than Glock (for most). The tri-trap sights are a wash..some like them, some don't. The Glock has a stronger reset "click", which a lot of people find important. The Steyr mag release is small compared to a Glock G34 release. And the Glock & M&P have all the aftermarket whizz-giggles.

    I shot a G19 this weekend. I didn't like it all, nor did my shooting partner. The Steyr is way better in the hand.

    The Steyr is great for a box-stock Production gun. But if you are focused on the gun instead of your skills, you have the wrong focus.

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    Thanks man!
    Well I love the Steyr, and the trap sights help me a lot in reaction shooting but I have to say the are not great for precision shooting....I also have to tell you that, it was my first and only IPSC match....I liked IDPA better and have been shooting it since december of last year.. Im a sharp shooter in SSP and yesterday we just finished the SO course with "Honey bunny" Dandreamatteo...