First IDPA match and question on sights

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by FistofCourtesy, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Well, on 2/1 used my new M9-A1 in my first IDPA match (First Coast IDPA, Gateway range, Jacksonville FL) which was also my first pistol competition. VERY FUN and something i plan to do again for sure ! A very friendly and relaxed group.

    Overall, i was 47 out of 83 shooters, though i was really just trying to be deliberate and smooth, not get DQ'd for safety, and not shoot a toe off ! Success on all fronts. Sort of.

    I was the only shooter with a Steyr (no surprise) and most everyone else had glocks and 1911s.

    Looking at my scores, I had the most points down (53) of any shooter at the match. In other words, despite by fancy schmancy Austrian wonder gun, and 500 rounds of practice, I did not exactly burn it up in the accuracy department.

    I think my accuracy suffered most simply because I rushed it, and secondly because I just aint that good yet. lastly, however, I think were the sights on my M9. I was wearing sunglasses, and found it difficult to rapidly acquite a sight picture. The white did not stand out as much in the sun, versus in shade where I practiced.

    Do any of you use trijicon or other sights for comp ? Has anyone tried painting or otherwise modifying their stock sights to make them more visble in direct sunlight ?
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    I am an avid IDPA shooter so I'll try and answer your questions the best that I can.

    The first thing everyone does, it put a bright front sight on there gun. Some fill in the front dot with red or orange finger nail polish or swap them out for a fiber optic sight. My personal choice is the Ameriglo Pro-I dots Tritium sights. They are the best of both world in my humble opinion. They have a big bright orange front dot for fast target acquisition with a tritium vial in the center. Great because most of IDPA shooting occurs outside, but you will encounter a shoot house in the occasional match. (at least at sanctioned ones) The rear sight you don't want anything bright or fancy because that isn't where your focus should be. (IDPA is way more about speed than accuracy) It's ok to miss just miss fast. (Not my way of thinking but it is what wins the IDPA game).

    Have Fun, IDPA is a great sport with a bunch of great guys.