Firefight in Compton

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Matches, May 12, 2005.

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    I was watching the news today, CNN I think, trying to get info on the plane over DC. I was reading the newspaper and only half paying attention when I heard a story that caught my attention. It sounded like a video game or a shooting range. I looked up a several police officers were firing on the driver of an SUV in Compton, CA. The police fired over 150 rounds and hit the driver with four. It reminded me of that old Clint Eastwood movie "The Gauntlet".

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    I saw that too. It almost looked fake. Its amazing that the police officers didn't shoot one another. They really put themselved in a bad postion(s) when they ALL decided to start shooting at a moving target at once.


  3. If I'm not mistaken (please feel free to correct me) the officers were shooting through the glass windsheild of the vehicle.

    Do you guys think that the officers were shooting JHP rounds that did not react well to the glass of the vehicle and may have yawd or otherwise deflected during penetration of the glass? If so, would there be such a significant effect on the bullets caused by the glass that would explain such below average accuracy?

    I understand that during combat accuracy falls to about 30% and a moving target is of course a difficult target to hit. That said I also believe that many patrol officers in police departments throughout this country do not practice their marksmanship and do not have realistic training scenarios.

    Just my Two Cents and some questions I had.
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    I think you nailed it MOD. Adrenaline, shooting at a target behind cover and training issues, in that order, imo, all contributed here. Lemme be clear, I think we could all shoot better, no matter how long we've been doing it or how well we're trained. Nothing mitigates problems 1 and 2 better than solving problem 3.

    That said, I'm interested to hear what y'all thought of the justifiability of the shooting. I came in late to the footage, or CNN just doesn't really give you much information (That couldn't be so, now could it?), or maybe the tv was just on mute and my lazy ass didn't turn it up until too late. Was the driver killed? Armed?

    LEOs, is there an SOP for such situations? It looked almost like a spark-in-a-tinder-box reaction from the footage we saw; one shoots and everyone opens up until the cease fire comes in. An ex-LEO instructor told me once that something like only 1 in 10 rounds fired by an LEO hits its mark. Comments?

    Do you think LAPD uses frangible?
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    I was wrong, an officer was actualy hit during the shoot out. If you watch the video you can hear them yelling to each other to watch their crossfire (can't tell if it was during or after). They were shooting at the front and sides of the SUV from the looks of it.

    Here is the video: Cheggit

    Here is a link to the story: Cheggit
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    The Best Part

    Did you see the footage from Fox news? After the shooting, the cameraman focuses on one officer behind the patrol car on the left (that ends up directly in front of the SUV after it stops). The officer becomes perturbed with the cameraman because how close he is to the incident and frantically WAVES HIM OFF WITH HIS GUN HAND - SWEEPING THE CAMERAMAN SEVERAL TIMES WITH A CHARGED WEAPON, FINGER ON THE TRIGGER.

    Now I've never been in such a stressfull situation, but this looked terrible and supports the notion of poor/inadequate training of some officers. Not every officer is a gun nut and in fact from what I hear most are not.

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    I was absolutely shocked when I saw them open fire and pretty much empty their mags into the SUV. Of course I wasn't there and I'm sure we're not getting the whole story, but I can't see any action by the driver that warranted opening fire and putting other officers as well as innocent bystanders in danger. I believe 5 rounds hit the surrounding homes. 8O They're very lucky that the one officer was the only resulting injury.
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  9. Yeah, horrible thing for everyone involved. That said, one less bad guy on the streets.
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    Follow up on shooting. ... california

    Appears the suspect was armed with an SUV and was the wrong guy. Amazing no one was killed and the swift investigation and punishment by the police. Article talks about inadequate equipment with respect to the spike strips but not the ammo or weapons. Guess they were glad the bullets were not more effective in this case. Night shooting is very difficult without the proper equipment, and based on the video, number of shots fired in the short period of time and the situation with the cross fire, most of the shots were probably not properly aimed fire.
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    requires deputies to take cover, keep their distance and otherwise make tactical decisions that ensure that shooting will only occur if "there is no reasonable alternative course of action."

    ummm, NOW they think to make this their goal
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    This incident reinforces why you don't set up opposing linear ambushes.