Firearms on Commercial airlines?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Guest, Apr 25, 2006.

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    I know this isn’t necessarily a “carry issue” but I have a firearm transportation question. My company is moving us from Indiana to California. A moving company is moving our stuff and cars. We are flying on a plane.

    What is the SOP for taking firearms on a plane? I know you have to check them but what are the requirements? Hard locking case? Do they need to be identified? After 9/11 I am just a little jumpy about walking into an airport and declaring I have firearms. 8-O
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    Here is the info straight from the horse's, eerrrr, mouth, as it were: ... 19800ac232

    Hope this helps!

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    you can stress about it if you want but stressing's not necessary.

    it really is painless as long as you do it like they ask.

    just don't look out the window. i saw a very anti-gun baggage handler THROW my rifle multiple times. i had no recourse despite several attempts.

    the good news is the gun kept its zero.

    its princibalities though man!!!
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    Thanks for the info. Would the case that came with my Steyr be acceptable with locks on it? I assume it would be. Then I just need to pick up a locking hard case for two long guns. Won't be transporting any ammo just the guns and magazines.
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    that would be fine.
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    I fly Southwest and it has information about traveling with a gun on their website, if you know what airline you will be flying on you could check their website or give them a call.
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    The hard cases that most new guns come with are perfect for use.
    Steyr's newest offering comes with 2 keyed alike padlocks for the case, I think it was purpose designed just for airline use. It actually is a very nice case.
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    I'd be more worried about what would happen to them when you get there than the flying.
    Send all your mags over ten rounds to me, as well as any guns you own not on the gestapo's "approved" list.

    I'll keep them Safe and Snug for you :wink:
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    Chef, You are so kind. :lol: The only gun I am taking is the Steyr M40 and seven 10 round mags.
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    Where in Kali are you going? I think there are a few on this list here, and we would be glad to help familiarize you with some local info...

    Ventura county here!
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    Orange County.
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    Me thinks you are going to have a problem.

    From what I know, you can't own a Steyr pistol in California.

    At the very least, they cannot be SOLD there. But I'm thinking that means you can't BRING one there either.

    Better check the firearms laws where you're going. The airl;ine travel isn't the problem - the living in California might be.
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    This was taken from the CA DOJ website in the FAQ's area.

    (PC sections 12001(n), 12072(f)(2))

    Also of note the M series is not certified for sale in CA., but the M-A1 is.
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    Well thats just great. Who should I check with on this? Aren't there guys here that have Steyrs and live in California?
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    Yes, you can own a Steyr here. You just can't BUY (through a dealer anyway) an older M40 or M9 because it doesn't pass this stupid state's "drop test". But you CAN buy the newer -A1 series because it DOES pass the test.

    I don't know about private sale though...

    Don't worry, they're not going to pound down your door and take your Steyr away!!