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    My CDNN M9 came in today and I picked it up tonight. This was the first time I ever squeezed the trigger and I must say that it's far superior than the glock triggers. My favorite feature is still the sighting system. I followed the directions on how to disassemble and I must say thanks to Cort for the detailed instructions. I wanted to make sure the pistol was clean and ready for the first day at the range.

    On a side note...can you post pictures on the forum?
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    Aubie -

    Welcome to the "family"...the more you shoot it, the more you'll love it! You owe us a range report as soon as you get back.

    There is a photo gallery -- the link is in the menu bar on the left. Click on it, then choose "Upload Picture" from the options that appear at the top of the gallery page. Then post away! If you want to include photos in your post, you need to host them somewhere else (like Photobucket or Shutterfly) then upload from there.


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    I thinkI convinced a die hard 1911 guy to buy an M9

    He was impressed with my M40 and wanted one.
    But he'll "settle for a 9mm.
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    Sounds like I can post pictures on threads using the [​IMG] format...that's what I wanted to know. I just wanted everyone to keep in mind that I shoot rifles mostly, so my pistol targets might not be up to par with everyone on the forum...haha.

    I took today off from work so I could take out the pistol, but I've had nothing but phone calls from my guys. It has not been much of a day off yet. Hopefully, I will be heading to the range in an hour or so.