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Finally ordered an M9

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Have been wanting an M9 for a few years now and after reading somewhere that CDNN was offering four mags with the gun I decided to immerse myself in thoughtful study before taking the plunge.
A dealer suggested this site and the anecdotal information archived here is amazing. So many pros and cons explored and addressed as well as a few unanswerables.
I e-mailed Steyr in Austria and USA and within a few days had factory sales lit and pricing in hand and more pix to ponder and lust after despite the uncertainty of where parts and service would come from if/when needed.
Read more and weighed it against a lot of possibilities, realized it was very unique and well worth a shot so figured out how to pay, lined up a local FFL and gave CDNN a call.
Surprised to hear that CDNN purchased all the stock of the previous distributor which amounted to approx 10,000 guns of which perhaps 100 are still available. Running low on hi cap mags now so the deal is 3 ten rounders and one hi cap, gun in box with papers and one safety key.
I thought these things came with two keys...
Anyway, placed the order last night and the gun should be here for pick up by this weekend and I'm REALLY looking forward to it.
I already have a steel EAA Witness with 45 acp, 9mm and 22lr slides, etc as well as a very early Dan Wesson 357 Pistol Pak and both these set ups (with the exception of the 22lr slide) have been utterly reliable despite all the problems I've heard and read about over the years.
Perhaps I'm just drawn to the oddball better quality for less money things in life but am expecting good service from the M9.
This is a great forum and I hope to contribute as time and long-winded verbiage permit.
Don't know how to insert a smilie yet but one is approprite.
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Welcome to the club! You will be happy with your M9. If you don't mind me asking, what dealer recomended this site?

Oh, and don't forget, you owe us a range report after your first shoot.

Welcome to the club.

More full cap magazines are available. Just search through the board.

You'll love the M9
Welcome to the'll love your M9.....I haven't wanted to pick up my Glocks since getting my first Mgun..... :D Did you say you didn't know how to insert a face? Just click on it........ :lol:
I told a friend about my M9 and he ordered on as well. He shot 350 rounds thru it Saturday night as fast as he could load and only had one jam, a doublefeed? round trying to chamber and spent shell trying to eject, anyhow I don't blame the Steyr as he was very rough on it. I gave it a quick cleaning before taking him to the range. He is impressed with it.
finally ordered, pick up tomorrow!

Thanks guys for hosing down the welcome mat for me. Got a call from my FFL that the gun has arrived and if all goes as planned it will be in my possession tomorrow!
Deluxe247: PM sent.
Everyone else, here's that smiley: :D
Certainly will post a range report asap. Living in semi-rural Eastern NC town and can still shoot in my own backyard. Fact is most of the neighbors are armed, do the same and shoot regularly.
Nice, idyllic, if not quiet place...
Better then a BayWatch fantasy !!!!!!!!!! (not really but nice) Shoot well.............
Better then a BayWatch fantasy !!!!!!!!!! (not really but nice) Shoot well.............

The neighbor lady is pretty hot but her husband has a 223 and I'm not as agile as I once was...
Life is good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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