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I got my M9 :D

Unforunately, I conned the wife into calling it a Christmas present to justify the purchase and aside from a breif trip to test fire it, she is making me stick to the deal and not play with it until after Christmas. It's just mean :cry:

Anyway, here's the report. I had hoped to put more rounds through it and drag out the chrony and everything, but that will have to wait until after Christmas. I put 120 rounds through it. 50 CCI Blazer Brass, 50 UMC, 20 WWB, all cycled through fine. For a gun that I was unfamilliar with, groups were tight. At 10 yards, rapid fire groups of 10 rounds were around 3 inches and when I took my time I was placing 5 round groups at about 1.5 inches with some holes touching. I can't do that with my P11, even after much practice.

The felt recoil is very low and the action was the smoothest I've ever felt (more on this later). There was a guy I shoot with on Tuesday nights who came in and tried it out. He is an instructor and a Glock armorer and even he quietly admitted that the action was as nice as any he's felt on a stock gun.

I did have 3 FTFs. This was disapointing, but the gun fired so nicely that I still enjoyed it thoroughly. In each case the trigger failed to reset. The gun cycled normally, extracted and reloaded fully, but when the trigger was depressed there was no action, not a "light strike", but zero strike. Each time I simply moved the slide just enough to reset the trigger and it worked fine. All 3 failures were within the first 70 rounds.

After returning home I disassembled the gun for cleaning and found that it was completely dry. There was not a drop of lubrication anywhere in the firearm. After cleaning and lubing the action felt even better than before and I suspect this will alleviate any issues.

The M-9 will not replace my P11 for carry (yet), as the P11 is exactly 1/2 the wieght in the same caliber, smaller and 100% reliable, but the Steyr is a far better made gun and is a lot easier and more fun to shoot. Perhaps after it's proven itself with a few thousand rounds without failure it will become my carry piece, at least in cooler weather when concealment is less of an issue. It is definitely my new favorite for range use.

PS- The 5th round fired hit me square in the forhead. This was the one and only time it happened.

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Are you sure you clean up the pistol before using it?

Well so lucky that I actually have not experiece those with good ammos until I filled up the inner barrel with so much lead that you wont be able to see the land and groove! :wink:

I feel great about my m9 considering that here in the Philippines there is not so much customer support for the product and we can not afford to have a bad pistol! :wink:

I would say that the Philippines is a good place to have the M9 tested as we have the worst ammos that you could find! Oh but not the Armscor ammo that I am using most of the time. Armscor ammos will be used to cleaning up the barrel instead of brusing the inner barrel! :wink:

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No, I did not clean/lube the gun until after my trip to the range. I should have gone through it first but I was short on time and anxious to try it.

I suspect that will take care of the issue. I'll let you know after the holidays.

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OK........what's a P11?? and congrats on getting a well made beauty!!

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Correct, they are a cheap compact 9mm made by Kel-Tec. A lot of folks who have never owned one kinda look down on them, but they are actually a very nice "purpose built" gun. The trigger is long and heavy, which turns a lot of people off, but for a gun that is made to be stuffed in your pants with no manual safety, that's just the sort of trigger I want. No 9mm vasectomy for me, thanks.

It's purpose built for simple, reliable operation and concealed carry. It's not super fun to shoot and it's certainly not a "tack driver", but it'll get the job done at 7 yards.

I'll say this for the P11, I've put about 2000 rounds through it and had 1 jam. I have had one minor mechanical problem... The little internal tab that locks back the slide when the mag is empty snapped off, thus it no longer locked back automatically, but the gun still functioned fine. They would have just mailed me the part, but I sent it to Kel-Tec and they had it back to me in under 3 weeks. While it was down there they also put a new barrel and slide on it. The firearm functioned flawlessly, so the only reason I can think they did this was because the finish on both was getting worn from canstant carry without a holster (I use the optional belt-clip). It's not a fancy gun, but it works well for it's purpose and has a lifetime warranty with incredible service. I love my P11. That said, It's gonna get a lot less range time now that I have the M9, just enough to stay proficient.

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