Finally it is here, m40-a1 and range report.

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by ryoko, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. ryoko

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    Well, I've got mixed feelings on my new pistol. The trigger, the middle safety part is a tab bit gritty. I'm sure that is something I can fix with a little cleaning. I really like how it "breaks", much better than my glock. It does not have that last minute tensioning that makes me jerk / flinch /pull to the side.

    Now I had one issue, possibly ammo, possibly the gun. It seemed everyone wanted to try it out, and I was happy to let everyone give it a try. At one point, while one experienced shooter was trying it, there was a click, but no bang :shock:

    Well, I looked at the round and it did have a dent in the primer. Did not look like a light strike, but I'll have to look through the brass I collected and find the round with 2 primer hits on it. That round did go off on the second hit. Oh, it was a factory round, I think remington, don't feel like running down stairs looking for the box. It was a green/white box and headstamp has R-P on it.

    Aside from that it grouped pretty well considering my lack of familiarity with it. I plan on doing the BT treatment to see if that makes the trigger pull feel better.

  2. MrApathy

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    clean it before taking it out?

    was the gun in full battery? was the strike off center? clean the striker channel?

  3. ryoko

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    Lightly, but not as much as I probably should have. Definately nothing near the firing pin assembly, More the rails and under the barrel (lugs?)

    Almost certain it was in battery, but I admint I was not the shooter. Still, knowing the shooter I'm pretty sure it would have been noticed. Also these were slow shots, not rapid so there was time to notice an oob condition. Still, I won't rule it out but I feel it is unlikely. I did not notice anything and I was focused on the gun itself.

    As I recall the strike was not centered. Prior to shooting it I did not clean near the striker channel. I have since though. A very thorough cleaning of the whole gun. The middle triger safety is feeling much better with a dab of oil in the right place. Still I can feel that there is something 'catching' especially if my finger is low on that part, thus exerting some upward force instead of straight back. I wonder if something has a burr on it and some time will wear it smooth.
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    green yellow box and r-p sounds like umc. atleast remington-peters of some ilk.

    a known ammo offender. possible you had a slight feeding hang up. a little oob action, a little off center primer hit.

    don't worry about it!!!! she'll be fine. especially with a good cleaning as you say you've already done.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Keep shooting and cleaning like others that have had new gun light/mis strikes.