Finally I get my hands on my Steyr!!! aka The Wulf

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    So I have been a fan of Steyr for the last few months even though i didn't actually have one in my hand to really be part of the club. Well I finally got my Ma1 40 last night. First impression... AWESOME! Best feeling gun I own!!! I absolutely freaking LOVE it! I loved the Trap sights too! Wow it really blew my socks off and I hoped I wouldn't be let down because I have been waiting and thinking about it for literally months now! I was as you can tell more than impressed with it. I just got back from the range too.

    So a funny side note... My sister flew out here from Utah and brought me my handgun. Well I had to pick her up in Buffalo, New York. Well she joked around with me and told me she forgot it so I told her I turned around and drove back to Erie, PA. Well as I pull up to the curbside there she is walking around outside the terminal with the gun case swinging back and forth in her hand... right in the middle of the airport my Blonde sister is swinging a freaking by New York Illegal handgun. I almost didn't stop and get her seeing I was sure the rent a cops were going to shoot her and me. Anyhow I couldn't just leave my new baby there so I picked her up and told her to stop trying to get me arrested.

    Well I cleaned her all up, applied some frog lube and I played with her all night. slept with her next to my bed and finally took her out to shoot. AWESOME! I LOVE IT! It was a brisk 18 degrees with the wind chill. Of course I had only a jacket and no hat or gloves on... so please excuse the groupings the right target was my first string of 5 shots each. first one was way low... New trigger and sight picture for me so cut me 1 flyer. the middle is my sister's boyfriend... never really shoots guns either... so he did well. Then the left was the rest of my ammo. I now have nothing in the way of factory ammo. It was painful to watch my sister and her boyfriend shoot my ammo when I now have nothing left! Anyhow, Why is this gun not as popular as any of the "big-boys"??? It is much better out of the box than any of the brands I own.

    I did have a type 3 and a type 2 malfunction. But hey it is freezing out there and the gun is brand spanking new. I also found like my brother, dad and uncles' Steyrs the slide would self engage if I would reload a loaded magazine into it. No big deal for me seeing it will make me faster when I shoot some of the drills at Front Sight. But something I would caution new shooters on... I don't trust their trigger fingers!

    I decided to name the new Steyr "The Wulf" after Wulf our beloved Steyr Club friend. He has been nothing but a huge help to me and my family! I now want to get my hands on more Steyrs!!!!

    Dr. B :drool:

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    That's awesome, I am also a recent Steyr Junkie and I have never been able to shoot a pistol so well. Enjoy that Wulf of yours. How was the recoil and muzzle flip of the 40? I just got an S40 last night and will be shooting it ASAP, I had a G22 and hated the muzzle flip so any insight you could give would be great.

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    Not sure why Steyr does not go after the USA market more aggressively. They make an excellent product. They do tend to be a little more picky until they are worn in but other than that they are as well made as any and better than some. Anyone here with lots of Steyr knowledge know why Steyr does not try to sell more M,S,C variant guns here in the states? On a side note, I have not owned a .40 since they first came out way back when. I sold it shortly after buying it because ammo back then was high for them. Now, all my handguns are 9MM and ammo is almost non-existant in these parts so I am contemplating buying another.40. Ammo for the .40 is much more readily avalible here. I know it won't be a Glock so that narrows it down to a M40-A1; a FNS40; a SR40; or a PO7 in .40. I like em all but can only swing one and even one more might get my wife drawing up papers on me. She's been such a good wife too...
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    The MxA1 was originally designed as a .40, so it has the great balance and feel in spades with the increased muzzle energy of the .40.

    As far as Steyr aggressively going after the market, in marketing they sometimes talk about gorillas, chimps, and monkeys. When there is an 800# gorilla (Glock) in the market, the best you can do is be a chimp, so be the best chimp you can be.

    In the rifle market it's a different story. There Barrett has been the 800# gorilla, but Steyr is a much bigger chimp, and the new multi-shot HS-50 is quite popular. Steyr is still a chimp. We all know the monkeys in both markets. (for the English as a second language folks - # is the abreviation for pound). I'm happy to own the outperforming chimp.
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    Where is the photo? This post is incomplete ;)