Finally got to use my M40A1 in comp

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Corbin Dallas, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Corbin Dallas

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    Last saturday between the wild fires of socal, I got to actually use my m40 in an IDPA local match.

    Mostly happy with the results, only had 1 problem all day and that was from a mag not seated completely. Did the tap/rack/click/WTF??? TAP/rack/CLICK/WTFH??? GDMIT SLAM/RACK/BANG!!! now it works. And I wasn't used to the trapezoidal sights in the sunlight, so I didn't do exactly how I would have liked.

    Oh well, I had fun and I'm looking forward to using the M40 again in comp. My G23 is gonna get jealous...
  2. cyberiad

    cyberiad Guest

    Tomorrow I'm going to shoot my first match with my M9-A1 9mm. Been using a G34 and less often a G17 for more than 2 years and I'm really looking forward to trying the Steyr and the trap sights on an IDPA target

  3. Don't feel bad for swapping out the trapezoid sights for traditional three-posts. :D

    I liked the trapezoid sights, but went with night sights for my original M40 and later PT night sights for my M40A1 and haven't looked back. Traditional dove tail sights will fit the MA1 so they're aren't tough to swap out and if you get them through PT they'll install them for you if you send in your slide.