Fiber Optic Sights?

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    Get a good punch,put your slide in a vice (pad the sides so you don't mark it up) then TAP the sight out from right to left(with the muzzle end pointing away from you. Make sure your have your punch placed on the base of the sight inside the dovetail. a couple solid taps should do it. If you want apply a little penetrating oil at the sight base and let it sit for a hour. Just make sure you remove the oil before you re-install.

    You might want to mark the sides of the dovetail where the sights sit so you know where to place the sight when you install the new one. I use a sharp pencil. Just scribe a line along the ends of the sight right on the slide.

    Good luck,you should have no problems its a simple procedure.
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    thanks armored......... 8)