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Well, I gave up on my S40. :cry: Took it out and shot it. 15 trigger screw ups out of 50 rounds didn't make for a fun shoot. I read the thread on the sticky trigger. Here was my problem. If I disassembled and doctored the gun and screwed it up worse, I couldn't take it back. With tax, I had over $400 in it, so I was surprised that the gunstore DID allow it back. It cycled perfectly by hand. It only got weird when the ammo went in. The gunstore has their own range, so I dragged my salesman back and he agreed that it shouldn't do that. They gave me a store credit. No other Steyrs in house so I settled on a Smith 457. I told him I'd gladly keep the Steyr if they wanted to shave some cash off. I loved the sights and the way it shot. It was obviously well made. I WILL have another one someday. Hey! Have you guys noticed that the Steyr in the heading is backwards? The slide release is on the wrong side?
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