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Federal hydroshock hollowpoints 124 grain

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Would you compare the speer gold dot to federal hydroshock hollowpoints 124 grain ...????? Is the Gold dot better ammo for self defense in S9
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Yes, I would compare them. Meaning, I would shoot them both and see which I (and my gun) liked better. Both the Gold Dot and Hydrashock will get the job done. Just remember, slight differences in expansion, penetration, etc between the different manufacturers' bullet designs will not mean anything if you're not accurate shooting it. So if that hot +P+ load has too much recoil for you to get follow-up shots on target, shoot something else. I'm currently collecting a few of the commonly available defensive loads to run through my M9. I'm definitely going to try some of the Winchester Ranger ammo since I've read good things about it. I've been compiling an Excel file with prices & sources for 9mm defensive loads, maybe I'll post up the table if I find the time.

You'll want to practice shooting your carry ammo, so if the cost of that exercise is a factor for you, Gold Dots can usually be had for less $$$ than Hydrashocks. You can get 124gr Gold Dots in both +P and standard pressure versions. For the S9 I'd probably choose the +P load to make sure it has good velocity out of the shorter barrel.
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ScottW, that would be a helpful post for ammo resources......always good to find the best price :idea:
I feel the Hydrashock is old technology. The Gold-Dot or Golden saber is a newer design that has an excellent reputation for reliable expansion.

Hydrashocks aint bad, just have been surpassed by newer computer designed bullets.
My favorite defensive load for my Steyr is the Winchester 147 gr. SXT.
madecov said:
Hydrashocks aint bad, just have been surpassed by newer computer designed bullets.
I totally agree. Even most federal fans will admit the hydrashok is yesterday's news. Most federal boys brag on the HiShok Tacticals now-a-days. I'd go with the Gold Speer before the federal, but I'd also go with the Winchester Ranger 127 +P+ above all of them. I REALLY don't think they feel any worse than most standard pressure rounds and the ballistics are impressive.

That aside, the Gold Dot would be my second choice.
IDPASteyr, I hear so much negative about 147's......its the old that a subsonic or ist this one different then the others ? I'm tempted by the 147's, like the heavier 230grain 45's.... Just curious......
I think it's like the 40S&W in a 180 grain. It doesn't move fast enough to reliably expand.

115-127 grain in 9mm
155-165 grain in 40S&W

heavier just doesn't seem to work well in these calibers
I've heard that before, but I haven't read anything about the Win Ranger 147gr RA9T underperforming. And if it's going too slow to expand, does it then act as a FMJ? I don't have reasonable access to ballistic gel, and the ranges around here won't let me set up water jugs. :?:
I agree Speer Gold-Dot is one hell of a cartridge. I carry .165 gram JHP Speer Gold-Dot for my M-40 and my Steyr has taken around 100 rounds of it without any failures. I use Blazer Brass for target practice because the Speer is so expensive to shoot. However, I feel that if my Steyr can fire a 100 rounds of the Speer it will fire 12 rounds of it when it counts. Speer Gold-Dot tends to be a very clean ammunition to shoot and enjoys a stellar reputation among shooting professionals.
Hello. As others have mentioned, the Gold Dot, particularly in its current configurations, does seem to work reliably at the velocities for which it is intended and does well through barriers as well...according to the tests run by folks using calibrated 10% ballistic gelatin.

I have not seen the Gold Dot used against a person. I have seen it used on animals such as deer and hogs and each case, expansion was quite similar to
the pictures of expanded bullets we've seen. How "instant" the "stop" was depended on how good the shot placement was; something I believe to be a constant if wanting to "stop" due to physiological rather than psychological reasons.

Gold Dots do seem to be pretty good bullets from what I've seen and in my own informal expansion tests.

That said, an officer under my command was once required to shoot a felon and was using the Federal 124-gr. HS +P+. He got a "pin wheel" hit and the bad guy dropped at the shot, never to stand again. The bullet made a hole roughly one inch across through the center of his heart and was lodged against the spine.

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Mr. Camp, It is a pleasure having you join us on this forum. There are a lot of Houston Steyr shooters that meet here as well on

IDPA Steyr (aka srva)
Hello and thank you very much.

SACamp said:
Hello and thank you very much.

Welcome to the Club!

Are you a Steyr owner? If so, I'd love to see one of your excellent range reports on it!
Welcome aboard Mr.Camp

best regards and glad you found us.
Hello and thanks very much. No, I am currently not a Steyr owner. I have shot a couple and they worked plenty good and grouped satisfactorily. I'll run across one "right" in my neck of the woods, probably when I least expect it.


Mr. Camp is online!

For those of you who are not familiar with you are in the presence of the founder of this superb website.

The world expert on the Hi-Power.

The FINEST online reference for handguns I have found, bar none, with no-nonsense write-ups.

The BEST shooter's guides around. If you own a Hi-Power or 1911, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the guides that Mr. Camp produces. I am a proud owner of several of his products.

Regards, CGuns
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