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    Today I took my newly acquired S9 to the local range. I cleaned and lubed it extensivley the previous day. After about 20 rounds I started to experience several FTE. It would leave the empty case in the cahmber and try to feed another round in behind it which caused the slide to lock back. :( :( Sibce this is the first time i fired it and I know there is a break in process I am not really worried about it. Although my M40 shot fine straight out of the box. I think it might be the magazine but because I only have one right now I'm not for sure. But if the problem persists I will have Davidson fix this one or send me another
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    Doubling can also occur from limp wristing or light charges. My Millenium pro sometimes does this if I'm not dilligent with my grip or if I'm using 115gr WWB.

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    while my M40 was flawless out of the box for the first 300 or so rounds (and again after i cleaned the mags for the first time), my S9 required a extractor takedown and cleaning to get the hiccups out (it was filthy).

    I almost gotta wonder if maybe the S's have been sitting on shelves longer or something wierd like that (after all they sold less than expected and are now discontinued).
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    I just got my S9 a couple weeks ago and have about 1,000 rounds through it - 70% WWB, 20% Remington UMC and 10% Blazer Brass. I have not had one FTF or FTE. I did get a couple shells in the face however, and noticed while watching other people shoot the gun that the ejection pattern was very inconsistent.

    After about 650 rounds I disassembled the slide and found that there was some thick sludge underneath the extractor on the slide that could only be cleaned off with the extractor removed. When I first got the gun and pushed up on the extractor it DID NOT MOVE. After the disassembly, thorough cleaning and judicious lubrication, it now moves normally. I have only shot about 200 rounds since the cleaning and have not had another shell in the face/forehead, although I haven't been able to observe the ejection pattern to confirm an improvement.

    I also believe it could be due to the combination of sticky extractor from dried up factory lube and the strong spring in the S9. I've never racked the slide on an M9 but i know that my S9 seems to have almost twice the spring power that my Sig 228 does. Perhaps these 2 factors combined with grip and stance issues are causing your problem. I shoot from a locked-out isoscoles stance and experience very little muzzle climb and felt recoil. In IDPA-style shooting I have also shot one-handed with both hands and not experienced any problems.

    WWB is a fairly hot 9mm factory load, BTW.

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    It's possible.
    My S9 took two attempts with damn near soaking the thing in hoppes to get the cosmoline or whatever it was off it. I'm still not thrilled with my extractor so I think I'm going to try removing it and cleaning it some more before I take it out to the range next week.
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    Most of my FTF of that sort is caused by firing cheap ammo like Bear, Wolf, etc. Try using high quality ammunition like Hydroshocks or GoldDots for the first couple hundred rounds, and you will see definite improvement. My S9 always chokes on cheap stuff, but never had any issues with HQ ammo.

    Possible reason - good ammo has much stronger recoil, which cycles the slide with more force, allowing the proper ejection sequence.
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    do not overlube the extractor channell as it has no place for extra oil to drain. I spray a q-tip w/ remoil and ligtly wipe it.