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Failure to go into battery?

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To keep this short and simple I have a used C9-A2. Whenever I go to chamber a round via dropping the slide to go about my day concealed carrying the round always chambers fine. However during a range session, after a few mags, when I drop the slide to chamber a round it fails to go into battery and will either sit ever so slightly out of battery or just a few cm out of battery, and after that range session I noticed that it has the same issue. However, after trying to chamber a round repeatedly it would fully go into battery every now and then. Dont know whats causing this and its a mildly annoying issue if I'm being honest.
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I think it’s been said above, but I would strip it and clean it. Then put about 100 rounds through it. That way you can make sure it is broken in. If the issue persists past 100 rounds I would be very concerned. Being used and a carry gun I would want to take it down and clean it since many people don’t vet or brake in their carry gun, nor do they fully clean them. If the issue is still there I would call Steyr for maintenance but it sounds like this might be maintenance/ brake in issue from the previous owner.
Yea I cleaned it and it goes into battery every time no issue. My main issue is this happened last time I went to the range. Cleaned it after I got home and went into battery no issue. Then after this previous range day that I talked about in the original post I went home cleaned at and boom…goes into battery no issue. Seems like this always happens after a range day and I’m not sure why. If it persists after another 100 rounds I’ll order a new recoil spring assembly from steyr and see if that helps. Mildly annoying as this is my edc at the moment
I don’t see
Agreed, I can 2nd this. I’m using some of his gear and it’s been good to go.
I don’t see anywhere on their site that they support the c9-a2….only the a1 models…. Or is this something I have to inquire about for them to be made?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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