Fail to fire, what to do

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Matches, Apr 10, 2005.

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    It was a beautify day here in Arizona, 80's with a little wind. I went to the range for the 2nd time with my m9. I put about 200 rounds of WWB thru it. There were 3 rounds that failed to fire. The primer was dimpled put off center. What should you do with these rounds that fail to fire? :?:

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    Try to fire them again. :D

    What kind of ammo was it? I have experienced hard primer issues with Speer Gold Dot.

  3. Matches

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    Ultimately I did run them thru a mag and they all fired the second time. But this is a bit disconcerting. While cleaning up brass I noticed many were chewed up a bit around the base. I was firing Winchester White Box. I had no troubles my first time out with 100rounds WWB. I was also using 2 new mags (a 10 and a 14 rounder) for the first time.

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    try a detailed cleaning of the firing pin and channel

    I had a similar problem and fixed it with a detailed cleaning of the firing pin and channel. The firing pin was filthy but cleaned up nicely.

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    similar S40 misfire.

    Matches, I posted a message maybe one or two weeks back about my S40 misfiring right out of the showcase. Out of about 10 rounds it misfired twice very similar to yours. I had a chance to go and shoot today, which by the way anyone who is reading this NEW JERSEY GUNLAWS AGAINST PISTOLS SUCK ASS AND I REALLY HATE THE FACT THAT I HAVE TO TAKE A 5 HR CLASS AND PAY 20 BUCKS A YEAR FOR A MEMBERSHIP TO A RANGE AND STILL CHARGE ME 8 BUCKS AN HOUR TO SHOOT-THE BASTARDS!! But anyway I had to get that out so everyone dont come to New Jersey is you like to shoot because it wont happen. I did it illegally today on an outdoor range for shotgun. Because in New Jersey you cant shoot pistols outside at public ranges it has to be a controlled environment. Well Im off the subject. Like I was saying I shot it today and out of 9 rounds it misfired twice again. So to recap I have only about 27 rounds through my gun, beacuse of the lack of places to shoot, and I have 4-5 misfires. Not good. The rounds that fire have a real nice dimple on the center of the primer and a nice hit with the ejector pin. The ones that misfire and I have to rack out have a VERY weak if any primer hit off center. Its pretty pathetic. I've cleaned the heck out of this gun. I followed a great lesson in the maintenance section of Steyrclub on how to disassemble, clean, lube and reassemble the gun and it is still misfiring. But whats happening with mine is that my slide will come back and eject the spent round and rack one in and my trigger will be stuck in the fire position. Almost like it didnt reset when the slide returned to battery. Its also a weird thing that the loaded chamber indicator pin is popped out telling me that theres a round in chamber ready to be fired but I cant because the trigger hadnt reset. I just dont know what else to do. I thought maybe is was because I wasnt used to such a light gun and I was limpwristing but I shot today and I know its not that and it has to be something more. So Im kinda in the same boat and I might just have to take it back to the gunsmith and have them shoot it. But if you or anyone can figure something out with your gun or mine PLEASE let me know.

    - :D FlightMech
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    One M series and one S series.

    Has anyone called Steyr? The service center guy is great to talk with.
    I forgot his name but he was friendly and informative on questions I had.

    So far I have around 200 rounds through my M40, not one failure
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    I had this happen a few times myself with WWB. I found that when this happens you can rack the slide just enough to re-cock the gun and then fire the round. And a good cleaning of the firing pin and channel like theFiasco states, is a good idea. This seems to be a great place to collect debris on these particular guns.

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    No major malfunctions here. other than my guide rod incident. my ftc failure to chambers have been narrowed down to ONE of my mags , and ever since i took it out of circulation, i have had no issues...