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Extractors and Extractor Springs- - - - - READ THIS

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Steyr Mannlicher phoned me from Austria today.

We were discussing spare parts issues, etc...

The extractors and extractor springs on certain "Early" model pistols (I do not know how "Early" is defined") were fitted with "weak" extractor springs that caused problems.

The new replacement parts have been upgraded and come with a stronger spring and a new extractor.

Keep this in mind. I am going to order one for my M9 just to be sure. I don't know when they made the change at the factory, in terms of serial numbers or production dates. I will try and find out.

Regards, CGuns
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Yes sir! Working on both.

I wanted to buy up a bunch of parts and import them over with one of my customs brokers/freight forwarders, but it sounds like Steyr Mannlicher is now resolving the issue.

Worst case scenario, I will buy a bunch of parts and we can build a store online to offer the parts to forum members, etc...

Regards, CGuns
:D :)

They really are a great company. Very diverse and always ahead of the curve. I like that and I look for that in companies.

Working on it. I am going to phone them in a couple of hours in Austria.

I beat you! Got my stuff in today. See my new post.

CGuns :p

Actually, the parts are very easy to install. It is a DIY job if you have a set of small screw drivers. Take a look at the tutorial section of this website.

If you need help, post or let me know. Hihoslva made the tutorial. It is easy-peezey. :) 8)
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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