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Extractor removal

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I have a new S9 that is having some failure to extract issues. I think that it is the extracor. How do you remove it for cleaning, i have not disassembled my M40 or S9 anyfuther than taking off the slide, barrel, and spring assembley or should i just take it to a gun smith?
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I wouldn't take it to a gunsmith, but I suppose it depends on your comfort level with working on your guns. The extractor is fairly easy to remove, and cleaning the 5+ year old grease out of there will probably solve your ejection issues. If you decide to do it yourself, here's how:

All you need is a small tool to push the spring loaded pin behind the extractor back into the slide. I use a small screwdriver, but any small tool should work. You won't damage anything provided you are careful not to scratch your slide. Just slip your tool in between the extractor and the spring loaded pin, and push the pin all the way back into the slide (if pushed far enough, the pin will go all the way into the slide, you may even have to push your tool slightly into the hole in the slide). When the pin is pushed all the way back, the extractor should just fall out with a wiggle, but if it is really dirty you may have to pull on it a little with your third hand :) ). Reassembly is the same in reverse. Put the spring and pin back in the hole, push in with your tool, and drop the extractor in. I know it sounds kinda complex, but once you do it the first time, it's really easy. I hope this helps you out, and you can take comfort in knowing that the Steyr is one of the easiest semi-auto pistols to work on that I can think of (except maybe a CZ52).

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I just removed my extractors (M9 & S9) for the first time a few days ago, and I think I came up with an incredibly easy removal method.

I even took some excellent pics of the process, so I'm going to ask Deluxe247 (our lord ;)) how to create a tutorial or article on the subject, and have it posted. All I have to do is re-size my pics first.

I'll get back to y'all soon. If Deluxe doesn't respond within a few hours, I'll just post it in this thread instead.

Thanks james481, I tried what you said but the dam thing just would not come out. There are two holes one circular hole where the spring is just visible and the second at the back of the slide where just the pin is visible. I tried pushing the pin in towards the muzzle and I also tried sticking my small screwdriver in the hole where the spring is visible back toward the back of the slide so it was not touching the extractor but it wont come off. I did get it to start moving back and forth a little. When i first got it it would not even do this. I did put some lube around it and behind it, I hope this will help. Next time I take it to the range I will see if it did. If not Im going to have to find some way to get it off. :wink: :wink:
I just emailed a comprehensive extractor removal tutorial to our admin. He should be posting it up shortly.

I'll hit up this thread with the link when he's done.

You're going about the removal the wrong way - it's incredibly simple.

Do yourself a favor - be patient and wait for the tutorial to get posted. I'd hate to see you screw something up by doing the removal improperly. If it doesn't get done within the next few hours, I can email you the Word file directly.

Hang on!!
Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear in my post. The spring loaded pin you should be pushing actually pushes against the rear of the extractor claw. In other words, you insert your tool (please hold Beavis and Butthead laughs till the end :D ) between the pin and the extractor. You can see this pin right behind the extractor, without taking the slide off the frame or anything like that. You should push this pin towards the rear of the gun. Note the extractor spring on a Steyr does not go all the way to the rear of the gun, like a Glock. You can not remove the extractor spring through the rear of the slide. Hopefully this helps you out a little. Once you do get it, you'll relize how easy it is. Don't worry, I was nervous the first time too. Just be careful not to scratch your slide, and you'll be fine. Let me know if you have any more problems.

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I guess hihosilva beat me too it :D . I'm curious to see what your method is, as I can't see any way other than compressing that pin.. I await the wisdom of those who came before me.... :D
Oh, you must compress the spring to get the extractor out, of course.

But I have found a far easier method than compressing the spring and shaking the extractor loose. I'm sure it's just a twist on what everyone else is doing, but I took some good pics to demonstrate my exact technique.

I can probably remove & replace the extractor on my M or S in less than 15 seconds now.

Patience, grasshoppers. I'm sure the article will be posted soon!
a note of caution...

the spring and pin can come flying out. i fyou lose eeither you will be buying a new assembly for $26 + $9 shipping. At least one person lost a pin into the ether, and I lost a spring by not doing what I am about to advise (i was in a rush as i was late for a range appointment w/ a friend).

either work w/ your hands in a lage ziploc or clear trahsbag, or keep a rag/towel covering the extractor pulled just far enough aside to see what you are doing.

Also don't do it in the most cluttered room of your house (my office for me) w/ the angle such as that it will fly into the corner of despair where every oddball item in the house gets thrown. [-X :oops:
Extractor R&R (in 30 seconds or less)

Manonsteyr, the plunger you were pushing on is the latch for the access cover on the rear of the slide.

Extractor R&R:
Note: Definitely do both the disassembly and reassembly in some sort of container; one slip at the wrong time can send the plunger and spring flying.

a) Insert small, flat-bladed screwdriver between extractor plunger and extractor.

b) Twist screwdriver 90 degrees, thereby simultaneously compressing plunger past retention ledge on extractor stud and tipping extractor forwards. If the screwdriver you've chosen is on the small side you may have to pry a bit while it is turned the 90 degrees. The extractor should now be tipped forwards out of its normal position with the plunger caught on the major diameter of the extractor stud. You should be able to pull out the screwdriver without disturbing the extractor and plunger from that position.

c) Invert slide and push on the bottom of the ejector stud with the srewdriver through the access hole in the underside of the slide. This will send the extractor, plunger and spring flying, hopefully to be caught within the box or bag you're doing this in.

a) Put the plunger in the spring.

b) Insert the spring and plunger into their hole with the small bevel on the plunger outwards. The large beveled surface, which pushes on the extractor, should be inwards.

c) Lastly, use the rear surface of the extractor's stud to compress the plunger & spring, when the extactor gets to the rear of its channel you press inwards on it and it snaps into its place. This does require a fair amount of finger pressure, and you may slip once or twice before you get the hang of it, so once again it's good to have a container surrounding the slide in case the plunger and spring take flight.

Do the job a few times and you'll find it to be quite easy. My second time through took less than a minute. The last couple of times have taken about 30 seconds.
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Got it

I finally got it off. I just had to see a picture of it being done. I had to go back to our previous residence at glock talk and pull up the Project disassembly sticky. It is easy to do :D :D :D . My prior attempts were all on the underneath of the slide which is wrong. You just need to push the littl claw behing the extractor back and it pops off. I hope this solves my FTE problems. Thanks guys. 8) 8)
Just so you guys know - my extractor removal tutorial is up thanks to our leader, Deluxe247.

It's in the "articles & information" section.

It looks like we (or, at least, I) stumbled onto essentially the same path.

Good job on the tutorial. The description is concise and the pics (well done, BTW) really flesh it out. It should remove the intimidation factor for most folks; if you can handle loading the mag properly the extractor R&R shouldn't be too difficult.
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