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    I'm trying to troubleshoot the erratic ejection on my C9A1, and I heard that erratic ejection often is due to a faulty extractor. I also heard that a good extractor will hold the round in place as it's pulled back, and if you clear the pistol with no mag in it, the round should still kick out to the side and not fall into the magwell.

    My Steyr consistently drops rounds through the magwell if there's no mag in, and I put in a snap cap with the slide taken off, and there's some very clear wiggle room between the cartridge and the extractor. It'll pull it out just fine, but it falls freely off the extractor. Is this normal for you guys, too? It works fine with a magazine in - it just sprays brass around erratically. My SAR B6P on the other hand, ejects into a wonderfully neat little pile about 4 feet to the right and two feet back, and ejects neatly without a magazine in.