Extractor fix from SAI is 100%

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    Hey All!

    I bought my M357-A1 in late November. The pistol performed very well and shot like nothing else. Then at about 700 rounds it developed an extraction issue. It had random extraction issues w/ some ammo types/mfg. With Remington 125 gr JHP it would fail to extract on about every other round, or worse. :cry: I then called SAI and spoke w/ Jack regarding my pistol. He told me "send it in and We'll take a look".

    Well in no time I received my pistol and was anxious to take 'er for a spin. SAI installed the new Extractor/LCI unit! 8-O I put 200 rounds of Speer 125 gr TMJ through it instantly and not one prob. It liked Speer TMJs even when it had issues, so it wasn't conclusive. So I bought a box of Remington 125 gr JHP, the same ones that my M357-A1 just could not extract. I went through 50 rounds instantly, laughing maniacally :twisted: I put another hundred rounds of Speer TMJ, and then 50 more of the Remington JHPs, and it loved it all! :D Kudos to Jack, Jeff, and All at SAI! My M357-A1 Rocks!
  2. Yeah, those guys at SAI are class acts the whole way round. Steyr is beyond lucky to have them they are are the best in the business.

    It is just so rare and refreshing to have REAL professional that appear to enjoy their job in this day and age. Steyr should give them all raises.