Extractor / Ejection Problem - not necessarily what you'd expect ( C9-A1 ).

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by semezai, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Like many others, my gun was having cartridge ejection problems with quality ammo. Turns out that my guide-rod assembly was "over-sized" by 1/2000ths of an inch, which kept the slide and firing pin from properly retracting, which in turn jammed up my gun after almost every shot. They replaced the assembly, it shot fine, and sent it back.

    The whole process took a few weeks. Jeff Reece at Steyr, who has been really great helping me resolve this issue, sent me the updated extractor and plunger. I installed those and that didn't work. I completely disassembled the weapon, cleaned it, assembled and oiled to spec, and that didn't work. Had a trained friend handle, shoot, and clean it to eliminate pilot error... he had the same problems, so that didn't work. Finally sent it back to Steyr a few weeks weeks ago and they said that after measuring the guide rod with a micrometer they found it was over sized, which kept the slide and firing pin from retracting properly. The ejection problems I had were that either the used round would get trapped in the ejection port or the feeding round would get caught underneath the firing pin.

    I'm very satisfied with Steyr's customer service.
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    Wow. Interesting. You're right, I wasn't expecting this cause. Hmmmm, my S40A1 ships tomorrow from Bud's. Glad to hear Steyr has excellent CS although I hope I never need it.