Extra-Crispy Recipe & Dr. Strangelove

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    Here’s a video I found showing U.S. Air Force F-16s destroying anti-aircraft weapons at a terrorist training camp near Fallujah, Iraq. Watch footage from a drone, where you can see terrorists practicing with their weapons (No HS-50’s were harmed in the making of this video!) Warning to viewers, Uncle Jimbo at http://www.blackfive.net/ (where I stole this) adds the commentary: “I like my terrorists served up the old fashioned way, done with the extra-crispy recipe...” It's in black and white with no sound, but still pretty salty stuff. We gotta get some color cameras and mikes for those drones.


    Also here’s a couple of military sayings I picked up from Uncle Jimbo that I’ll try to remember to add to my vocabulary.

    Concerning the Kurds possibly declaring an independent state in northern Iraq, Uncle Jimbo opines, “They now represent the most stable part of Iraq, but if the rest of the country doesn't aggregate their fecal matter, the Kurds may just decide they don't need any ties to that mess.”

    Next time you feel the urge to tell some nincompoop to get his s*** together, remember Uncle Jimbo’s saying and slip the truth to him a bit more slyly.

    Jimbo also quotes John Derbyshire from http://corner.nationalreview.com/, who advocates a strategy of dealing with situations like Iraq known as "rubble doesn't cause trouble", a seriously old-school conservative view.

    Reminds me of the late Gen. Curtis LeMay’s strategic advice on how to defeat Communist North Vietnam, which was ignored by LBJ and McNamara: “Bomb ‘em back into the Stone Age!”

    BTW, did you know that General LeMay was the belligerent Cold Warrior who was portrayed in the satirical film “Dr. Strangelove,” as the trigger-happy General Jack D. Ripper? If my cinematic memory is correct, isn’t that the character Slim Pickens played, who rode the A-Bomb through the bomb bay doors, whooping and hollering like he was riding a bull? Nope, I’m wrong. Pickens played bomber pilot Air Force Major "King" Kong. When CRS disease strikes, Google it! :mrgreen:

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