" Extended Beaver tail" of Steyr Pistols?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by hiramabiff, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. hiramabiff

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    Correct me here please.

    How come nobody mentions that the "longer or extended beaver tail" of the Steyr helps reduce muzzle jumps, prevents accidental touching of the slide, therefore increases shooting speed, follow up shots and accuracy and better gun control [this is on top of the Steyr M and S series having a lower bore axis]. The Steyr pistol does not require any attachments for that matter!

    I check the manual of the Steyr and does not mention of this important design or I was NOT just reading it throughly...

    This part of the Steyr is one of the MANY reasons I consider it over Glock!

    Can you actually call it "beaver tail"... the rear end of the Steyr pistol? Anyone? :D
  2. FlaChef

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    well, i never thought of it as enhanceing speedy follow ups.

    I just thought of it as a piece of the superior ergonmoice that make it so comfy in the hand and allows good trigger reach for many different size and shape hands. When asked about the m/s the great "ergonomics" is something I mention.

  3. CGuns

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    The Steyr manual for the M9/S9/M40/S40 is really poor. The new manual for the A1 series is supposedly much better, according to Madecov.

    I personally do not consider it a beaver tail.

    Superior design/engineering/ergonomics allow the pistol to do all of these things that you listed. Since the Steyr sits so low in the hand, the recoil impulse is directed into the forearms, which is ideal. This, with a good shooting stance will allow for very fast shots. Just ask IDPA Steyr.
  4. madecov

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    The beavertail on the A1 is even more pronounced. It is a bit deeper.
    I hope to test shoot my A1 this week.
  5. Ripped

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    one pic says it all...