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Excellent Customer Service from Steyr Arms, Inc.

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Folks - This is something I posted on a couple of other forums. I finally got to the computer with my user name and password on it so I could post it here. ;)

A few months back, I picked up (cheap!) a used Steyr M40. I wanted a .40 S&W, and I wanted a plastic gun, and I DIDN'T want a Glock. It wasn't the Steyr I really wanted - that one has a full stock and is chambered in 6.5x54 - but it would do.

When I finally got a chance to wring it out, I found that it choked on any ammo that said "Winchester" on it ...failures to extract. It wasn't too happy with Remington-UMC hardball, either. It's the first modern autoloader I had that choked.

I found the information on the new distributor, Steyr Arms, Inc., and sent it to them with a letter detailing the problems I had. That was right after Christmas.

It came back this morning. I called and talked to the gunsmith who worked on it, and asked him what he had done to it. He told me that he had basically replaced the entire insides, including the subframe that had the rails on it. He took the time to answer my questions, and it turns out he's a retired Federal LE firearms trainer/armorer, and a really pleasant guy to talk to.

I went to the range when I finished work for the day, and went through 150 rounds of Winchester Ranger 155 grain JHPs, 60 rounds of Remington-UMC 180 grain hardball, and 31 rounds of Remington 155 grain JHPs. The gun didn't even think about stuttering.

I sent them a used gun that was sold five years before they became the distributor, and they fixed it right, and didn't charge me a dime, and they were nice to deal with. It doesn't get much better than that!
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Nice, you can't ask for more than had a problem they fixed it without you having to go through alot of stress of dealing with some of the rude folks that can be found in that line of work for other firearms.
Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. This is starting to convince me that I actually DO need an M-A1.

Both my Steyrs have been flawless.
It is gratifying to know that Steyr is here in the USA and backing the product.

Now with a decent bit of advertising they'll start to sell and then aftermarket parts will follow.

Great gun, great service.
Good to hear yet another good customer service story. I think a lot of folks are shying away from a lot of the more established players like H&K because of their very poor civilian customer service and aiming their loyalty to Steyr and others.
Actually H&K has lousy CS even for the LEO group.
Yup, I know alot of HK folks are starting to look else where because of the total cluster job they've done lately. Steyr just needs a few ads in some of the gun mags and to push for their firearms in some movies or tv shows here.

Just a little bit of exposure would go ALONG way for Steyr right now.
madecov said:
Actually H&K has lousy CS even for the LEO group.
We can't even get them to loan us a pistol for testing and evaluation. They obviously don't want L.E. contracts.
Not that I'm aware of.
Another deputy had some issues with an H&K and it took 7 weeks to get a spring.
he now carries a Glock
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