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Champion Arms in Kent is doing steel plate shoots every Thursday night. I did it last night and it was a blast.

$10 is all it costs. You practice from 1800-1900. Then double elimination shooting from 1900-2200 (2-3 total matches).

I lost my first round to a Des Moines LEO just off shift (G22 vs me on a G26) but then rallied to be a final 4 shooter. I shot against the LEO again and we both shot clean rounds but I was a few tenths behind.

I only stayed for the first match and left at 8pm. In total I shot 111 rounds.

Its cheaper to shoot this competition then to rent a lane! Worst case you will get 6 total rounds plus all the practice you want in the first hour.

I should be there next Thursday... in a pink hat.:thumbsup:
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