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Erratic extraction on a M9-A1

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I puchased a new M9-A1 and took it out over the weekend for a test drive. I shot a combination of CCI brass and Rem UMC totaling 200 rounds, and I did not have any FTE or FTF during that session. However, the pistol was throwing brass in all different directions. From your experience, will the erratic extraction go away over tiime? Or is there a quick fix remedy for this problem?

Once I get my PT sights and my holster from Black Hills Leather, I'll post some pictures in the near future.

Thanks for your input gentlemen.

P.S. By the way, I know you guys are all ready familiar with the shooting characteristics of the A1's . I did a shooting comparision between my G-19 and the M9-A1. The Steyr did have a less noticeable muzzle flip. The trgger breaks very clean, but its a little stiff. Where as the G-19's trigger had some creep in it, but the break was softer (3.5lb connector). I'm really looking forward in trying out my Steyr next month at our local IDPA match.
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Does Black Hills have the mold for the A1?
I know they have for the older M.

They make some of the best custom holsters for the money.
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