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Erratic Ammo ??

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Has anyone experienced erratic accuracy with CCI Blazer .40 cal 180gr FMJ load#5220? This past Saturday I took 100 rds of Blazer and 100 rds of UMC to see if the break-in period was over and the FTEs were a thing of the past. First up was 50 rds of the UMC fired flawlessly shooting pepper poppers at 10-20 yards. Reloaded with the Blazer- the first round didn’t go the well. I thought OK- slow it down and work on the aiming basics. The course of fire improved some but still not as good as the first 50 rds. So I set up a paper target at 7 yards and slow fired 5 rds: the dispersion is 2 rd group <1” at 4 o’clock, 1 rd 4” at 3 o’clock, 1 rd 3” 6 o’clock, and 1 rd 5” 10 o’clock. Patch the holes set up a rest and slow fire 5 more rds. Again, the grouping- nonexistent shots all over the place. Well I blow off the rest of the Blazer. Reload with the UMC shoot a round at the pepper poppers. Set up another 7 yard paper target slow fire 2 – 5 rd stages, groups were good and consistent.

The only thing I have seen that gives this sort of erratic dispersion pattern is when the rotating band is smaller than required that was a long time ago in the Navy.
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my s 40 doesn't like 180 grain of any maker. 165 grain (blaser or wwb) shoots the same bullet hole out to 45 feet. would probably group around 1.5" at 25 yards if I could.
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