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I just observed that there was an scratch at the side of the railing where the ejector is located. I studied it well as from the where the scratch mark came from. I learned that this scratch came from the ejector. Though I never had a problem of going to batter using good ammo [ i mean not the cheapest ammo] or reloads, I suspect that this could also caus, if not buffed, failure to go battery, stovepiping [as this could hold off the slide to go back fully [slide prematurely sliding back catching an empty shell]. I understand that this ejector should not in anyway touching anything other than an empty case. :wink:

Ejector nicks

When you remove the slide and hold it up side down (while looking at the bottom) are you refering to nick on the left or right side of the rails? The ejector if it were at fault would make marks on the right rail while looking at the bottom side of the slide. If the nicks are on the left side of the upside down slide rail(as mine are) it's the #9 rolled pin on the right side of the receiver making the mark. My #9 rolled pin in the frame sticks out to far into the path of the slide rail that strips the rounds out of the magazine and also when the slide is attempting to eject a fired round.

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