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ejector length?

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was checking my M40 and compared it to my S&W 40ve. noticed the ejector on my M40 was pretty short. didnt pass the rebated rim much.

just grabbed my M9 and its longer.

edge of M40 ejector looks shiny kinda odd. think a piece of it broke.
last time I took it out functioned fine.

looks like time to order new one. service check.

any tinkerers want to grab some ejectors and trim them some see if shorter may be less reliable or more?

thanks for the move.

called steyr they were busy. jack promptly called me in a few minutes. got taken care of.

going through my pictures found a pic from DAIAdvisors cleaning tutorial. his ejector looked just as short.
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The ejector on the M40 is shorter than on most autos. It is designed that way and seems to work fine.
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