Ejection issues with the M9-A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Glock_Holiday, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Took the M9-A1 out to the range again this week. The first few outings had a few failures but I was willing to let it "break in". Now I have about 400 - 450 on it and the failure rate is out of control. The main problem is failure to eject the spent casings. I have three mags and the gun fails with all of them so I don't think it is a mag issue. At one point I had three failures in one magazine. I am shooting new factory WWB 115gr ball ammo. Any ideas?

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    Please disassemble your magazines and count the number of spring coils in each and let me know....

    If these are 14/15 rd magazines they should have 11 coil springs, NOT 10 or 9 coil springs....

    What is the shape of the extractor plunger? Rounded nose? or beveled flat cut?

    Beveled flat cut is newer design.

    please report!

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  3. 7nthson

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    I had the same issue with my M40-A1.

    The solution was replacing the extractor and plunger. I think the extractor has more to do with it than the plunger. I went from the domed plunger to the beveled plunger.

    Since replacing the extractor, I get maybe one FTE every 400 rounds, and it may have more to do with WWB ammo.
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    I have a new M9 A1 and took it shooting the first time. I was shooting WWB and went through an entire box with 0 problems. Then switched ammo to Seller& Bellot and it failed to extract on average one per mag. (3 mags). I thought it just didn't like S&B ammo. I switched back to WWB and it still failed to extract just not quite as often.
    Where did you go to get this different plunger you refer to? Also I can't figure out how to get the extracter out. On other guns, there is a pin to punch out. I did not see any such thing on my M9. How do you take out the plunger and extracter?
    EDITED: I figured it out. I got my extracter out.
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    FWIW, S&B is a "known offender" w/ the Steyr pistols...
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    my m9a1 has rounded plunger and it does extract the spent case erratically. on the other hand, my recent m40 1st generation has a bevelled plugger, the extraction is to the right side , now these is very confusing, which is new and old :think:
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    I called Jeff at Steyr and he told me that the domed plunger is the new one and the beveled one is the old one. He also said that the extraction problems is not the plunger but is the extractor itself. The new one has a slightly longer finger on it. If you have this problem, call Jeff and he will take care of you.