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Duty weapon? Holsters?

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A friend of a friend just got a a job with our local PD and she asked me about duty holsters for an M9. I have no idea. Anyone on here?

She said that my M9 fit her perfectly and she was rather impressed with how well it shot. Loved the sights too. Fortunatly she didnt mind getting donked on the top of the head by brass occasionally (still breaking mine in, lol).

Anyone on here use on for a duty weapon?
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Also, a question from both of us.. where to buy A1 mags?
Madecov is great to deal with for magazines. He is a member on here. Highly recommended.

He can also help you with duty leather for the M series.
Safariland has something for the M.

For the M-A1, duty gear is available in Austria at the moment.
Come January, there will be stuff here.
Safariland makes the 6280 for the M in any finish.
Currently there is NOTHING in duty leather for the A1.
If nylon is allowed by the department uncle mikes nylon duty holsters can fit. look for the one that fits the H&K USP Compact. The holster for the Glock is a bit too tight.

Don't expect Safariland to have the 6280 in stock, mine took almost 6 weeks to ship.

and yes I can get magazines in all 3 calibers. Look for my post in the group buys section.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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